Curly and Curvy: Body Positive at the Beach

Nathalie - Janisel Rosenthal Photography- June 2016 -18

New blog design, new outfit post! My first one since the 4th of July.
And it's a long one, because my portrait and event photographer friend Janisel Rosenthal took so. many. great. photos. I really couldn't narrow it down more than this!

We took these photos on a beautiful, hot summer day in June. I had meant to actually style my hair the  night before but got home so late from work that day I had no energy left. So I went to bed with my hair soaking wet and this was the result the next day. Yay for good hair days!

This is probably one of my all-time favorite shoots that I've done because I just felt really comfortable, really in my element with my curly hair and sexy yet modest bathing suit combo. Janisel got plenty of natural shots as I walked or played with the water, so you will see some belly rolls popping out of my favorite high waisted bottom (see below). 

When I got the pictures back I felt really grateful for the curls in my hair and the curves on my body-- the same curls that I wanted to tame in middle school, the curves that I longed for in high school. To some, I may be "overweight" or a little "ethnic" looking (gasp!), but to me, in these photos and in this moment, I am 100% body positive. And that is a damn good feeling. 


Nathalie - Janisel Rosenthal Photography- June 2016 -33  


I'm wearing head to toe Victoria's Secret in this outfit so no use in itemizing everything. Except my hoops, which are from my high school days, no idea where from.

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