2015 Recap

Hello and happy new year!
This year I decided to group a few faves by theme. 
I posted 36 outfits in 2015, compared to 60 in 2014 and 42 in 2013. 
Not bad, considering my crazy day (and night!) job.

Girly springArtsy


So 2015 is over and I'm having such feelings about it. 
It was not a good year for me, on any level.
I am grateful that my family is in good health. We are ok. 
But my life took a very different direction in October. 
Sometimes you think you have everything figured out, and next thing you know everything has changed.
I don't like it. I'm not having it. But I'm gonna have to accept it.

I'll stop being ominous now and simply wish you a happy new year. May your 2016 be everything you wish it to be. <3

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