Kotor, Montenegro Photo Diary

Yesterday marked ONE YEAR since I was in this wondrous, magical land known as Kotor, Montenegro.

Kotor medieval town from above + Norwegian Spirit cruise
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo

TANK: Borrowed from bestie // LEGGINGS: Target // SNEAKERS: Nike // AVIATORS: LOFT // BACKPACK: Target // FITBIT: Target // LIPSTICK: Marc Jacobs in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I've had this blog post ready to go for months, but hadn't found chance to post it. Now's as good a time as any.  Open the full blog post to see and read more about our visit (me and the bestie) to Kotor Bay.

Kotor, Montenegro selfie
We took a bike riding excursion, and the tickets specified that we had to be above a certain height (I think it was 5'4"). I am a shorty at 5'1", so I went for this hairstyle to try to add some height. Lol
biking active braid hairstyle
Kotor Bay docking point
Kotor Bay villagemontenegro braid
abandoned church atop the mountains of Kotor, Montenegro
Abandoned church atop the mountains
Kotor, Montenegro  Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro
active travel outfit

Similar to Heisy's outfit:

Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro
DSC_0006  Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro  DSC_0010
Kotor, Montenegro
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo
Cycling Around Boka Bay - Norwegian Shore Excursion
This bike excursion was SO MUCH FUN! We biked 14 miles through different villages all around the bay.
Here's how the NCL website describes our excursion:

There is no better way to discover the highlights of Boka Bay and its natural beauty than by bike. At the pier, you’ll meet your tour leader, who will give you a short introduction about the tour, safety briefing and equipment needed. Then your adventure starts. A 14 mile (23 km) itinerary takes you to some of the most interesting places of the area. See fishing villages, small islands with churches, old palaces, beaches and beautiful nature. 
You’ll pass through the sleepy villages of Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv, so you can get an idea of how the locals live. Stop at the Gospa od Skrpjela viewpoint. Here, you’ll see a beautiful church perched on a little green island in the middle of the sea. Finally, you’ll pedal back towards Kotor, pausing to enjoy a refreshment break. Snap some more photos and enjoy a coffee or ice-cream at one of the seaside caf├ęs on the way.

Kotor Bay water  PicMonkey Photo
Kotor medieval walls
Kotor medieval town
DSC_0082Kotor wedding bride and groom  
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo
hiking/biking active travel outfit
going up the mountain
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo
Norwegian Spirit
PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo
active travel outfit - what to wear bikingView from the Church of Our Lady of Remedy on the slope of the St. John Mountain
Our Lady of Remedy interior
Church atop the mountains, Our Lady of Remedy. It was reportedly built in honor of the Virgin Mary by the survivors of the plague in their gratitude.
Our Lady of Remedy tiny medieval stairs  DSC_0153
Our Lady of Remedy altar
From the slope of St. John Mountain, Kotor, Montenegro
PicMonkey Photo
Kotor orange tile roofs
Terra Cotta tile roofs

Kotor, Montenegro charm  PicMonkey Photo
Royal Caribbean Kotor Bay, Montengro
View from the cruise of the Church of Our Lady of Remedy and the Fortifications of KotorKotor Bay fish farm
Kotor Bay village as seen from cruise
Kotor Bay, Montenegro

I hope to post some of my Venice photos soon! Gonna take it back to last year on the blog this week. :)