Rose Gold Beauties

Well, clearly I don't blog anymore, but something about these rose gold beauties I encountered today made me want to head on over to Polyvore and make this little collection. Then I came over here and published this post, for old times' sake!

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.46.02 PM
Minnie ears // mermaid brushes
makeup storage // travel mug // wall clock
watch // headphones
People don't really read blogs like they used to anymore-- it's all about the 'gram nowadays. Apparently not even Snapchat is as much of a thing for bloggers anymore? Idk, I've been out of it for a few months, which is apparently equal to about 5 years, ha. These days all I do is work, and between the never-ending demands of my job and the crippling perfectionism that made me edit photos like a sloth, I realized I just couldn't blog anymore.

I do want to create an end-of-year post, just for me and any future kids/grandkids who might encounter this little blog of mine one day. :)
Because so much shit went down this year. It has been absolutely insane, and has forever changed who I am. So dramatic, but I kid you not, 2017 really was that transformative for me.

In case I don't quite get to it, let's have a proper sign off:

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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