New Camera!

I'm so happy to announce that these were the first pictures  to be taken with my brand-new Nikon D3000!  
I bought this incredibly user-friendly DSLR on Black Friday. I had previously used this model for my trip to Europe in the summer (e.g., see herehere, or here), but it was my boyfriend's camera, and it was actually stolen one week after I came back. Good thing I didn't lose it over there right?


As you can see, not all of these pictures have the same "tint". That's because the UV filter that I thought I had bought on that crazy Black Friday night actually stayed at Best Buy. The cashier did not ring me up for it, and I have no UV filter now.

Aguacate y Mamey
With a comfy sweater :)

The only drawback to using my D3000 so far is that it draws that much more attention to me while I'm taking pictures! I have to work on the embarrassment thing. But it's kinda hard to do when you have an audience. Like a man sitting in a park bench staring, trying to figure out what in the world these pictures are for. Or the people across the street staring out of their apartment balconies. Or the employees from the hotel next to this little park square. Maybe I should get business cards to make me feel more legitimate, haha.

Are you embarrassed to take pictures for your blog? What do you tell yourself if you are?

Top: The Limited (old)
Sweater: "Glimmer" by JJ Basics via TJ Maxx
Pants: J. Crew
Belt: Target
Heels: Target
Bag: Lady Lux Boutique