Hey there, sleepy.
I've completely given up on winter. I kept waiting and waiting for it to cool down. It happened like 3 times this fall/winter. In 2010, it was so cold down here that thousands of fish died in the Everglades. Thousands.
I'm happy that no fish will be dying this year (due to the cold, that is), but I'm so disappointed that my awesome wintry clothing will remain untouched until next year.

So when Miami decided to cool down a bit last week, I responded by wearing a semi-warm sweater with some linen pants and brown leather heels that say, "I'm over you, winter. Bring on the spring. Or summer. Since it's the same thing down here."


Also, I'm sporting a new hairdo here. I got some bangs done to add personality to the front of my face when my hair is pulled back. I really like how bangs look on me, but alas, my naturally curly hair makes them pretty high maintenance.

Sweater: American Rag
Pants: Macy's (old)
Heels: Nine West (old)
Bag: Coach


  1. I love your bangs! The sideswept ones are so cute - I had them for the longest time before I decided to switch them up. If you ever get bored with them, try blunt bangs ;)
    Anyway, cute outfit, I especially love your shoes!
    I wish it was warm enough where I'm at to wear my open toed sandals...

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    1. Thank you, Linda! I've had all kinds of bangs in the past. The blunt ones were so much fun. I felt like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. :)

      This was a day where it was sort of cold in the morning but warm in the middle of the day, so I got away with wearing this ensemble. Glad you liked it!


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