Favorites from 2012

The first half of 2012 treated me wonderfully. For example, I was involved in very meaningful work at a historically disadvantaged public high school, and I took a fabulous trip to Europe in June (which is what finally pushed me to create Earnestyle). 

And then the second half was not so great. For example, I started graduate school, but it came at a high price (both literally and metaphorically-- I won't bore you with the details). This little blog of mine really grounded me by giving me something to look forward to in my immediate future. And I'm delighted that 136 people have found it interesting enough to follow along.

I'm not one to make resolutions, but in the spirit of that shiny, brand-new feeling that comes with each new year, I've made it my mission to make 2013 a year to look back on with a smile on my face. 

So, back to the original purpose of this post: These are some of my favorite looks from 2012 my six months of blogging, in no particular order. I hope you'll tell me which ones you like most!

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2013 treats you kindly, and that you'll actively work to make it a year to remember.