Let's be Real

This post is very different from what I typically share with you guys. But it had to be done.
In honor of all things annoying on this lovely (oh, the irony) April Fool's Day, here are 4 of my biggest fashion blogging pet peeves.

1. Everything is casual. 

Just because you have fancy tastes doesn't mean that everything that's not decked up in 7-inch heels and 5 pounds of makeup is casual. Actually, that's exactly what bloggers sometimes call "casual". So then, what does my casual look like to them? Pajamas??

"Oh, just doing the dishes."
C'mon. You know that wearing an asymmetrical skirt, a hat, and 7-inch heels at the same time does not fit anyone's definition of "casual" in real life. So why label it that way? Why lead people to believe that your lifestyle is so riche (that's rich in French) that this is how you dress on a normal, casual day? Ok, I hear you. You're a fashion/style blogger; I get it. You're allowed to dress this way and get away with it. But when one of your blog's objectives is to give advice to your readers, please don't let them believe that they can wear that mini swing skirt with sky-high heels to the grocery store.

2. Follow-for-follow

Whether you're an established blogger, a new blogger, or an in-between blogger, we've all seen it. Maybe we've even done it ourselves:
Hi there! Lovely post! Please check out my blog. Let me know if you follow so I can follow you back.
Seriously? You're not gonna tell me exactly which part of my post is lovely, and you're only gonna follow me if I follow you first? So you don't really like my post. Or my content. You're just interested in adding another number to your members list. And you're shameless about it!

3. "Lovely"

This word had real meaning for me before I got into blogging. It conjured up images of soft, romantic English settings, shabby chic decor, the soft pastels in a Monet painting.

Or Keiko Lynn's apartment and everything in it.

It's a good word, and there are definitely many lovely sights in the blogosphere. This is probably why the word is so overused. But this one's not as bad as the ones above. I mean, at least we're not overusing the word "nice", right? Oh wait, we're doing that too.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of synonyms for lovely and nice, plus other words you can use to describe whatever catches your eye. You're welcome.

  1. charming
  2. quaint
  3. pretty! (not overused, surprisingly)
  4. interesting
  5. radiant (good for describing smiles)
  6. graceful
  7. elegant
  8. precious (good for pets and kiddies)
  9. sweet
  10. wonderful
  11. amazing
  12. impressive
  13. stunning
  14. incredible
  15. phenomenal
4. Anonymous bloggers

I don't mean those of you who don't show us your faces. That's completely understandable. Perhaps you have a job that doesn't lend itself to having a style blog, much less to achieving recognition from it. 

Of course you should take me seriously as your therapist.
Don't mind the red dress and leopard heels.
Anonymous blogging is what I call posting pictures of your outfits without a single word about it, about you, or about anything else other than the stores you got your stuff from. Why go through the trouble of taking pictures and posting them online without bothering to explain anything about them? I suppose this is a personal choice. Perhaps the anonymous blogger's goal is not to gain a following or to interact with similar others. Still, I don't like to see bloggers do this. And it's usually bloggers who have a pretty solid following too, which comes off as arrogant. Like they're too busy/important to answer your question, or to tell you anything about their day.

So there you have it-- four blogging pet peeves that drive me up the wall.

Do you agree/disagree? Which ones did I leave out?