Peachy Keen

It's the bougainvillea's prettiest time of year.
Here I am, all matchy-matchy with them. <3
Spring Work OutfitDSC_0122.
Bougainvillea OverloadDSC_0170
This simple work outfit is a great formula for business casual office attire:
fun, fitted pants + chambray or other shirt + pretty bag + comfortable heels.
I would've added a necklace or some bracelets, but I rolled out of bed kinda late to meet with my supervisor. Some days you just have to choose between pretty hair, a pretty outfit, or pretty accessories. When you see me completely put together on workdays, you know I was a responsible blogger/adult and woke up early enough to do it all, or planned ahead the day before. But usually, those 5-10 minutes of extra sleep are so, so worth it.

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Top: Urban Outfitters, $15
Pants: LOFT, $12
Heels: Macy's, $14
Bag: JustFab, $25

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