Cute Fall Outfit + Self-Photography Troubles

It's been quiet on Earnestyle lately! I went on another road trip last week (pictures will be up in November), and the week before that I lost my remote so I couldn't take new outfit photos. Speaking of remotes...


My remote provides me with full control over each pose and shot and makes the process go by faster. Thus, taking my own blog pictures is generally very enjoyable. Other times, however, it can be a real "mission," as we say in Miami. And this time it was proving to be Mission Impossible, with fickle lighting and Chicago grade winds working against me.


This spot is in Downtown Coral Gables and it was around 4 pm so people were starting to get out of work, and they mostly stared curiously or admiringly. I've grown used to the stares and don't feel self-conscious anymore. But after a good 35 minutes of mediocre shots, I see this man coming out of the bank across the street and he asks, "What are you doing? A group of us have been watching wondering, 'Is she just taking selfies of herself?'" So embarrassing. For like a minute. 

I laughed and explained that no, I'm not crazy, and no I'm not "a model." I handed him my business card and we got talking fashion. I learned his name was Alexander and he's an investment banker and he loves men's style-- not fashion, but style. Alexander has a particular penchant for suits, especially pinstriped ones. Eventually he offered to be my photographer for a few minutes and, though initially hesitant, I gave in because hey, who was I kidding. I was having a tough time out there.

Alexander the fashionable banker.

But actually, most of the pictures I ended up using today were taken by me and my tripod. The lighting was just more favorable. Sorry, Alexander. But I did appreciate the help!

Banana Republic floral lace tank | LOFT mustard pants | Shoemint "Meredith" three-tone heels | Agaci "Falling for Floral" kimono | ModCloth "Nature's Finest Necklace" | LOFT "Dangling Coin Charm Toggle Bracelet" | Guess Watch" | Love Shopping Mia "Pam Sunglasses in Tortoise"
Tank: Banana Republic | Pants: LOFT | Heels: ShoeMint | Kimono: Agaci | Bag: Vintage | Necklace: ModCloth | Bracelets: dangling coin, LOFT;  tortoise bangles, unknown | Watch: Guess | Sunglasses: Love Shopping Mia

P.S. I'm wearing those divine "Meredith" heels featured in my last Fun Stuff Friday post!

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