Shades of Autumn

Autumn Shades 2
Leopard Shoes 2
Leopard Shoes and Red Bag
Autumn Shades

This combination might have never occurred to me had I not been inspired by Kendi, one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Just one of the many reasons why I love the internet.

So I was pretty excited to wear this outfit. I wore it last weekend with different hair and accessories. I took pictures, but the lighting was off and my poor little point-and-shoot couldn't handle it. I wore it again this weekend, just for you guys, but the lighting was off once again. So I decided I didn't care about lighting. I don't care that my skin looks a little bit like an oompa loompa's. I just care about sharing this outfit with the world  all 48 of you.

Hope you like it!

Top: Loft
Pants: Lucky Brand
Heels: Target
Bag: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Lucky Brand
Leopard earrings: Francesca's Collections