Simple Saturday

I should preface this post by warning you that the only makeup I have on here is a little bit of eyeliner, which was probably a poor choice given my preorbital hyperpigmentation. This is what my eyes really look like without concealer. I blame my Mediterranean ancestry.

That said, isn't this an adorable little polka dot blouse?? It was only $14.95 at H&M, and it's versatile enough to wear to work, school, out on the town, on your first counseling role play video (ok, that was just me). The shoulder detail is my favorite part. I searched the depths of the internet for a url where you could buy it, and even called H&M, but unfortunately it's nowhere to be found. Although I bought it last month and it was a new arrival, so your local H&M might still have it.


I love the shoulder detail on this blouse!

I also don't iron clothes. Who has time for that?


Hope you liked it!

P.S. I will be announcing my first giveaway this Tuesday! Yay!