Never Have I Ever...

...worn $298 shoes before! 

But did I pay that much for these exquisitely quirky Kate Spade polka dot pumps?
Nope. I rented them from Chic for a Week, a designer shoe rental service created by the lovely Megan of Long Live Classy.


The Shoe:
Apart from being super adorable, these heels are very light and the padded leather insoles make for a very comfortable walk. I have wide feet, so I was expecting these rather narrow-looking shoes to constrict them. Didn't happen. The sides are breathable enough that they curve to your feet, not the other way around. But I didn't walk in them for long, so I don't know how comfortable they are in the long run. Also, they feel pointier than I would expect. I found myself bumping into whatever was in front of me quite a lot, because I underestimated how long the point was. Overall, I fell in love with the shoe and didn't want to send them back.

Chic for a Week:
The rental process was easy peasy and I received the shoes faster than I expected, just in time for the weekend. I could never pay $298 for any pair of shoes, no matter how lovely. At least not yet, anyway. But it only costs $40 to rent these babies. Renting is a great alternative for recessionistas like me who refuse to give up the right to enjoy the finer things in life. My only complaint about my experience with Chic for a Week is that 7 days is simply not long enough to enjoy the pleasures that wearing overpriced shoes for a tiny fraction of their "true" cost can bring. Still, I think I'll definitely use this site again. Like for that wedding I have coming up. Hmm...

As soon as I got the shoes I knew I wanted to wear this striped skirt with it. Something about them just screamed, "Print mix please!"






Top: Banana Republic
Bag: Lady Lux Boutique (before change in ownership)
Heels: Kate Spade (rent or buy)

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