Happy Turkey Day!

Guess what? This is (hopefully) the last time I will ever post photos taken with my point and shoot! In a few minutes I'll be in Black Friday land, on the hunt for a DSLR (among other things). So excited! Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it out there.
Notice how the background is in focus, and I'm not?! Can't wait to shoot with my new camera!
Got this "Dually Clad Top Sweater" by Pilcro and the Letterpress last year.

Sorry I had to subject you to mustard yellow one more time. I'm so obsessed with this color as of late. I'm sure you'll understand! 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Top: Anthropologie (old | still available on Ebay)
Pants: LOFT
Heels: Target
Bag: knockoff Coach from the 90's
Watch: Guess
Bracelet: Pandora (bracelet | clips)