October Looks

October was fun. There was Chic for a Week, Halloween Horror Nights, my 5th year anniversary, Halloween (my second-favorite holiday!). Too bad I only have 5 outfits to show for it. I promise, I didn't just wear pajamas the rest of the 26 days. I just didn't take pictures. Apparently my mom and boyfriend have other things to do with their lives that are more important than being my photographer. I know, right? How dare they. 

Which outfit was your favorite?

Row 1: No Makeup, No Problem | Say Hello to my Little Friend | Never Have I Ever...
Row 2: Halloween Horror Nights 2012 | 5 Years!
Note to self: Never post an uneven number of looks a month, because then the second row of my monthly recap has these weird blank spaces on the sides. Obsessive-compulsive much? Just a tad.