My First Month of Blogging!

I created Earnestyle on the 4th of July, almost one month ago! I was ready to take my Lookbooking to the next level, and I was so inspired by all the fashion I saw during my trip to France and Spain in June that I decided to finally start blogging.

Here are the looks I blogged about in the inaugural month of Earnestyle, beginning with my outfits in Europe (June -- the 1st collage), and ending with my outfits here in Miami (July -- the 2nd collage). Thank you so much to those of you who have visited my blog, commented on my posts, and followed. Your support means the world to me! 

Row 1: Sous le Ciel de Paris | La Vie (et le Blazer) en Rose | Barcelona, Day 1
Row 2: Barcelona and Zaragoza | En Madrid | Blogger Coincidence!
Row 1: Red, White and Blue... And a Chevy Truck | Everyday Mamey | "Print" Charming
Row 2: X Factor Audience! Or not. | Orange and Teal | Green!
Thanks to Olga Choi from My Blonde Gal for inspiring these collages with her July re-cap!