Vintage NYE Outfit + Bold Lip Giveaway!

Happy New Year, everyone!
I welcomed 2014 wearing tons of vintage pieces that belonged to my mom.
Very appropriate, given how nostalgic I felt this year.

Saw this new year's mani on Pinterest and decided to recreate it. :)

Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt, necklace, bracelets: 1980's vintage
Heels: Forever 21
Bag:  JustFab
Watch: Guess

And now for the bold lip giveaway

Enter below to win the lip products used in this look-- my favorite red lip stain from Sephora + Rebel by MAC over it to deepen the red. 

The real life result is a lot vampier than these pictures let on!
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EDITED 01/05/13

For this giveaway, I originally duplicated a past giveaway without realizing I hadn't changed the instructions for leaving a comment. I was very confused about why people were leaving me comments talking about their favorite styles for June! So I had been deleting these comments on this post thinking they were spam. How embarassing, haha. So sorry about that, everyone! 

It's fixed now, so enter away! 
Past "leave a comment" entries will not be affected.