Shoesday Tuesday

Loafers and Oxfords..
So I went shopping with my mom this weekend and caught myself totally obsessing over these adorably preppy and incredibly comfortable Sperry loafers (the navy and brown ones). But alas, I am on a shoe shopping ban until further notice. So I thought I'd get it out of my system via a loafers and oxfords Shoesday Tuesday post.

These picks remind me of the prefall, back-to-school excitement of my childhood. I went to a Catholic school that made us wear black and white 50's style Oxfords (like these). Although I always associated with them with the stern, rigid restrictions on our individuality and freedom, I sorta secretly liked them, because c'mon... They're so cute! Haha.

Note: The "Hello Sunshine" flats are currently sold out, but they seem to have been very popular and ModCloth is really good about bringing loved items back. Just be sure to request them if you'd like to see that happen.

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