July Outfits + Recap

July Outfits
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July was a very mixed month for me.

My boyfriend's family suffered a tragic loss on July 6th. Things will never quite be the same.Then I had all this Swim Week excitement, which felt strange and out of place given what happened. Finally, as of this past week, I finished my practicum year and found a (dream) job before even officially graduating.

So it was a mixed month, you see. A very mixed month.

And there's no way to neatly come back from that somber self-disclosure, so let's take a look at some pretty photographs, shall we? Here are my favorite Instagram shots of the month:

4th of July Mason JarsPalmsBeach LoveDonutsRed LipsEscape Miami

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  1. Sorry about your boyfriend's loss, but congratulations on a dream job, you go girl!!!


  2. What an odd month of sorrow and joy it sounds like...hope all is well and time will mend what has been wounded.
    Anyway, congrats on the dream job, sounds amazing!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. so cute!


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