"Curvifying" Striped Dress

I got this dress on final sale last year at Francesca's. The slanted stripes on the lower half are particularly figure-flattering, helping to define the waist and "curvify" the lower body (great word I just invented). 
However, I regretted purchasing it as soon as I got home, because it's a little tighter than what I normally feel comfortable wearing and it came with a rather cheap-looking ribbon to tie across the waist too (although that's easily replaceable). I hadn't worn it until last week, when I realized I could divert attention away from the tight fit by adding a chambray shirt and tying it up in a cute little fashion. I am happy with the results and I no longer regret this $22 purchase.

Fun fact: As the camera was about to take this shot, a BEE decided to check out my lens for what seemed like an eternity. I am terrified of bees, and insects in general (I don't even like butterflies... Remember Spongebob's butterfly Wormy? Scary creatures, I tell you). I always sprint in the opposite direction of bees but since the camera was 2 seconds away from taking the picture I stayed put. I was also hoping that the bee would come out in the picture so I could show you. Hence my scared/also excited face.

What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you while taking a picture? My bee story is not my funniest, or my scariest, but it sure seemed to be both in that instant!

Dress: Francesca's Collections (similar)
Shirt: jcp (similarsimilar)
Bag: DIY (gifted)
Heels: DSW (Jellypop Chriselle Sandal from last spring; similar height)
Bracelets: Pandora and Lucky Brand
Necklaces: Lucky Brand
Watch: Fossil