April Outfits

My Happy Place | Vintage Revenge Blogger Breakfast | Schoolboy Blazer-Cardigan

Everything is blue. Haha, I do that a lot don't I? Like last fall, when all my outfits were mustard yellow in some way (see here and here).

I'm SO excited for May! Here's why:
  1. I'll be posting all the great outfits I actually wore in April but haven't been able to share yet. 
  2. My birthday's in 13 days, and my boyfriend's in 16! Plus my grandpa, grandma, uncle, and boyfriend's grandma also have May birthdays.
  3. Finals will be over by then. J
  4. I will have a 4-day break that will be used for retail therapy (and actual therapy), a beach outing, and who knows what other fun stuff.
  5. There's a new blog design (by the lovely Joyce of Joyful Outfits) in the works! So excited for that, it deserves three exclamation points!!!
Can't wait to really start this a-May-zing month! (Couldn't help myself).