A Little Self-Revelation

I started grad school last week! 
I took a gap year between college and grad school because I was totally burnt out and needed a little break. My idea of a break was to work as a full-time tutor and mentor at an underserved public high school. I loved every single minute of it, and dare I say, I was even good at it. But I still had my dreams of becoming a research psychologist. Still, I applied for Teach for America, got accepted (an incredible honor!), then rejected the offer to continue my studies at my Alma Mater. 

Sometimes I still regret my decision not to join TFA. After all, I have the rest of my life to become a prolific researcher, right? But part of me feared not ever going back to school, and always resenting myself for having made the wrong decision. So here I am. A graduate student. Not 100% thrilled, since I'm a hopeless ruminator (that should give you a little clue as to why I'm so drawn to psychology), but feeling surprisingly optimistic about the road ahead of me.

This is what I wore to our orientation over a week ago. I wanted something conservative enough but also lively enough for a good first impression. I saved the outfit precisely for this weekend because I knew I would not be able to go out let alone take pictures, since Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac decided to pass by. 
I love the subtle scallop details on this linen skirt. Together with the lace trim they really give it a special touch.


P.S. It really was raining; the umbrella was not a prop to match my outfit.
P.P.S. Your comments mean so much to me. And they'll mean even more in this post, because I just revealed things about myself that I wasn't quite ready to talk about. 
P.P.P.S. (Does that one even exist?) This is my beautiful humid/rainy Miami day hair. Isn't it lovely?

Top: The Limited, $9 (I got a blue/green one as well!)
Heels: Rampage, $14
Bag: Misako Reversible Bag (blue/beige), € 20