I got watermelons on my bottom!

American Apparel Watermelon Swim || South Beach

This is a high waisted watermelon bottom-- so I was somewhat hesitant to wear it out in public, let alone take pictures with it. But the minute I saw this stunning retro number on KTR Style I knew I had to get it. And I am totally in love with it!

high waisted shorts at the beach
American Apparel Watermelon Swimwhimsical retro high waisted bathing suitretro swimsuit details

Boyfriend photographer
Thankfully my captain was able to accompany me on this quick beach day before my class and before his charter. So I didn't need my tripod.
American Apparel watermelon bathing suit

Bonus points for me: Channel 10 happened to be in the first area we were in, interviewing people on the recent controversy over South Pointe's off-leash area for dogs. Nestor had to take a phone call and left me staring at the water for a while, so the journalist came over to me and asked if I would mind sharing my thoughts for the camera. Thinking back now I could've said more, but it happened so quickly I was caught off guard!

At the end, camera guy said, "Oh, she loved your bathing suit." To which she replied, "Yeah, I love that it's high waisted. I haven't seen those anywhere." Camera guy jumps back in, "She said it was very retro, very 50's style. Very nice." Made me •‿•.  So I told her to check out American Apparel because they had a ton, including solid color ones. Then I completely forgot about it and didn't tell anyone or watch the news myself, so I have no idea if I came out or not. Haha.

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Blouse: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Shorts: Forever 21(similar)
Top: VS Swim (similar)
Bottom: American Apparel
Bandana: Modcloth
Bag: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx (similar)