Adventuring @ the Merrick House

Today I'd like to transport you to a pioneer-era tropical oasis. 

Budget-Friendly Work Outfit

There was nothing particularly special about this outfit when I threw it on that morning. It was Monday and I had gone fishing the day before, so I was TIRED! But two people at work complimented me on the combination within a span of 15 minutes, so I figured it was a good one to post.

Pre-Fall Rush


I wore this to work last Monday. That was August 13th. Clearly still the peak of summer, yet my mind is already in fall mode. Which is kind of a problem, since I'm in Miami and all. It's almost always summer here. So the beautiful "prefall" and fall fashions I'm seeing all over the blogosphere and in stores are driving me crazy! It's such a tease!

Mellow Yellow + True Blue x Two

It was SO windy that day!