Shoesday Tuesday: Pretty Espadrilles

Pretty espadrilles for spring and summer. I'll take them all, please.
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8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
Yes, it's only Saturday. But alas, these lovely espadrilles probably won't last through Tuesday (#13 is already gone!), so I thought I'd publish this edition of Shoesday Tuesday 3 days early.

I can't even pick a favorite. I'll take 'em all! Except #9, since I already have those.

Neutral Tones and Sprinkle Wedges


I wore this soft and feminine outfit on Mother's Day to have lunch with my mom, dad, and grandmas. It was the first time I wore these sparkly, feminine, spring wedges--my favorite shoes of the moment. I was after them since I first laid eyes on them in February but they wouldn't go on sale. So I bought them on Amazon when there were only 2 left in my size. Now they're on sale for almost half the price. *Sigh*. But I don't entirely regret it, because look at them! They were worth every penny.

Fun Stuff Friday: Summer Kitsch

Summer Kitsch
Welcome to the first edition of Fun Stuff Friday!
Look at all this summer kitsch!

Unfortunately when I made this Kitschy set on Polyvore, I didn't realize the flamingo bag was clipped from Pinterest and is no longer available. So I don't have that link for you guys. But everything else is available for purchase. Would you rock a banana swimsuit? I'd wear the top, but I'm not so sure about both pieces. That's a whole lot of banana.

Hope you enjoyed this Fun Stuff!

Sunny and Retro

Spring/Summer Weekend Outfit

I've worn some version of this outfit so many times. And yet I've never shown these shorts on the blog-- just like the Shabby Apple skirt from this post. I wore this particular outfit to go shoe-shopping for graduation with my mom. She took these pictures. Gracias, mami!

Graduation Day Outfit!

As you might have seen on Instagram, last Thursday was my "graduation".
Since I don't actually graduate until August, it didn't feel official at all.
But it was a special day anyway, and I had a nice time with my friends and family.
And I LOVED my dress. Here are some of my favorite pictures. <3

Shoesday Tuesday: Cute Summer Flats!

Shoesday Tuesday

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I didn't get to do a Shoesday Tuesday last month, but here's one for the upcoming summer months. I'm so in love with # 4-- look at those giant flowers! # 6 is sure to turn heads too. These two are great options for floral lovers like me.

As for # 7, this is a more expensive option but I included them here because I saw them in person in gold and they are just absolute perfection!

Also, I published this post early by mistake. Hence the "Tuesday" in the title, and it's only Monday. Oops! Enjoy the finished version with the links and the text. :)

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Spring Glam

Spring Glam