Rainy Saturday Work Outfit

Rainy Day Work Outfit

I work on Saturdays. It's not my favorite thing to do, but it is what it is.
And it has definitely been a challenge to dress professionally on a weekend, because you don't want to look too stuffy (that's for like a Tuesday) and you don't want to look too casual either.

Professional Spring Attire

Miami Spring

I threw this outfit together in under 5 minutes on a sleepy Thursday morning. Go me!

Peachy Keen

It's the bougainvillea's prettiest time of year.
Here I am, all matchy-matchy with them. <3

Youth Fair Outfit

As a kid in Miami the highlight of your March is going to the the Youth Fair, aka The Fair, aka Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo. It has a lot of names. 

You can say The Fair is quite repetitive, with very little changing year to year. But it's a classic Miamian pastime, and one that Nestor and I participate in every year. We don't go for the rides, the circus or petting zoo, the performances, the expositions-- we go solely for the food. The delicious, artery-clogging, overpriced fair food. 

Our favorites: corn on the cob dipped in butter and topped with salt, and the yummy chicken gyros across from where the Double Looper used to be (for any of you Miamians-- they have the BEST gyros in the fair).

Shoesday Tuesday: Little Spring Beauties

Little Spring Beauties

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6
Hi everyone! 
I was so excited for last weekend because I was finally gonna take some outfit pictures for this week. Instead I came down with a god-awful cold and I've been out sick since yesterday, lying around the couch, binge-watching Nashville.

In the midst of this super unproductive stupor that I'm in, I had a pretty good idea! Once a month (maybe more if I'm lucky) I'll be doing the #ShoesdayTuesday thing on Earnestyle, sharing some of my favorite shoe finds of the month with you guys. Hope you liked this first edition-- 1, 2, and 5 are my favorites here!