Creamy Hues and Robin Blue

Creamy Hues and Robin Blue
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ModCloth asked me to participate in their weekly Polyvore outfit challenge, and like any crazy ModCloth fan I happily obliged. This week, the task was to create an outfit around the gorgeous Classic Stunner Dress in Floral.

As soon as I saw its creamy hue and classic shape I immediately thought to pair it with robin's egg blue. So cute and 1950's! I'd wear this outfit to a fancy, daytime spring wedding. Now all I need is an invitation... Quick-- someone hurry up and get married!

Casual Shopping Outfit


Hi there! Feels good to post today; it's been a while! Won't be back to full steam until March, though.

This is the last of the cold Miami day outfits (from January), which I wore to go on a mother-daughter shopping date. Hope you like!

Nobody's Perfect

J Crew Nobody's Perfect tee
Earnestyle: Nobody's Perfect J. Crew tee

Don't ya just love J. Crew's recent line of message tees? They're so cute and wearable. 
I warn you though, don't wear them if you're uncomfortable with people trying to read your chest area for longer than is socially acceptable. Haha.

January Looks

Happy Sunday, everyone!

The weather this January allowed me to break out some of my fall/winter stuff.
Now it's February, and it looks like it's summer again.
Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

I have 2 posts scheduled for February, but besides those my blogging will be spotty. I have big scary comps coming up at the end of the month. So I will be absolutely miserable studying my brains out. Haha.