Shoesday Tuesday: Nike Rainbow

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Longest Shoesday Tuesday I've ever done but I just couldn't stop myself once I started browsing these Nikes. Having "shoe game" is one of the most important superficial things for a born and bred Miami native. I have never been part of this club, because I've always preferred girlier shoes and I've also never had a reason to. But ever since I joined the gym in the summer I've been eyeing all the pretty workout gear on the bodies of people I will never look like. If I can't have their butts, at least I can have their workout clothes amirite? (No but seriously, the internal social comparison at the gym is not as intense as I imagined it'd be. Halleluyah).

Fun Stuff Friday: Stylish Rain Gear (brought to you by Hurricane Matthew)

South Florida took Hurricane Matthew very seriously. We are a party people, but when it comes to hurricanes we know the importance of preparing (and maybe throwing a hurricane party indoors). But it ended up missing Miami-Dade County entirely. We've had worse storms this year that weren't hurricanes. Still, most offices closed here as of yesterday afternoon and everything else shut down today (rightfully so). Meaning that I had nothing to do but sleep, watch Netflix, and put together this rain-inspired Fun Stuff Friday because, though I hate rainy and stormy days, I do love rain gear!

I LOOOVE all these jackets. I actually don't own a rain jacket... or a bubble umbrella, which I've always wanted. Hmmm....

I do own the red TOMS (here's an outfit post with them and some recent photos below) and I get tons of compliments every time I wear them! Which is a lot, because it's always raining here. I wore them to work yesterday and 3 people complimented me on them and asked me where they're from. They're only $59, and the best part is they fit my wide calves!


Well, thanks for reading! Hope you liked my rainy day gear. And stay safe out there, northern FL, GA, and the Carolinas!

Anthropologist Style in Ancient Greece

Well hello! I started my new job and have fallen behind on my Mediterranean cruise sharing extravaganza. Today is all about our excursion from the port at Piraeus to Sounion and Athens. I begin with the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion and then we move on to the wonderful buildings of the Acropolis in Athens.

The beautiful Temple of Poseidon, as seen from the eastern side
For Athens and Pompeii I wanted to wear something very anthropologist-like. I was an anthro major in college, so it makes total sense. I went with this breezy blouse with an interesting print to it-- reminded me of the patterns in Ancient Greek vases. Such a nerdy thought process now that I think of it. I just really like matching my outfits to the places I'm visiting. Lol. Then I went for this white scarf with tassels from Francesca's, because it just seemed like something my archaeology professor (the amazing Dr. Geller) would have worn. The distressed jeans I did more for the modern aesthetic of Athens. I also added some dangly leaf earrings (like the leaves in the ancient Greek crowns!) which you can see in a selfie below, some aviator sunglasses (because aviators are the official explorer sunglasses in my mind), and my gray TOMS for comfort. Yeah, I take this travel dressing thing really seriously. 😂

PicMonkey Photo
Tour headset covering my LOFT arrow necklace!

Blouse: LOFT // Jeans: J. Crew // Shoes: Toms via Nordstrom
Scarf: Francesca's Collections // Backpack: Target // Sunglasses: LOFT
Necklace: LOFT // EarringsLOFT // Fitbit Charge HRTarget
Bracelets: Candles & Confetti bangleMaria Shireen hair tie bracelet,
Asos heart bangle (similar)

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