Sunday Morning Dreams


She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini dress.... And some sunflowers, and a hat, and red sunglasses! Just throw it all in there. In my mind this is what I'd wear to go flower shopping on a lovely Sunday morning, possibly somewhere in California or New York. I've never been to either of those places, but it just feels right. There's an artsy, boho, hipster-ish flair to this look that I so love, much like what I imagine those places to be.

Fancy Thanksgiving


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel like I walked straight out of an Anthro catalog here, in this beautiful Anthro dress and gorgeous textured wall. Lol. This was the first outfit I shot with Gen in this fall photo shoot of ours. The dress just screams "fall" at me, and it's totally something I'd wear to a fancy Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner, if I had that kind of lifestyle. Someday I shall. I shall plan fancy get-togethers and make everyone dress up or else. Bet that will make me real popular. Lol.

Dreamy Vintage Bike Shoot


I am sooo excited about this blog post, you guys! These gorgeous shots were taken by Gen of @genstreetstyle on Instagram. She is phenomenal, as you may recall from my swim shoots this summer (here, here, and here), so sweet, and such a pleasure to work with. 

Stripes, Camel, and Leopard


Rainy Fall Weekend


Chambray Dress in the Fall


Hi all. Today I bring you this super simple Miami fall ensemble.