My First Devacut!

So back in June, I decided to finally get a Devacut and go exclusively no-heat, (mostly) curly girl method. I was so sick and tired of my damaged locks, so badly fried by years of blow-drying, straightening, doing some highlights here and there. I had been watching curly girl method videos for over a year before I finally went for it. And boy am I glad I did!!


 I went with The Curl Whisperer salon in South Miami, and could not have been more impressed with the place, the staff, the experience itself. Never had I felt so understood and accepted by a hair sytlist before. They just understood my hair goals (wanted to keep length, add some volume, learn to style it appropriately) and didn't try to change my mind about it or explain why I'm terribly wrong. They listened, educated, and delivered these dreamy results. I'm actually planning to go back soon for a bigger chop, but I wanted to be sure to share these on here before that!


Here's a very quick video I put together using my Instagram stories and some of these photos. It shows you my entire Devacut experience, from the frizzy befores to the glorious afters, and all the products and techniques responsible for getting it there. My stylist was Silvana, owner of The Curl Whisperer salon. Her assistant who washed, conditioned, and dried my hair was Taiz, and she was so freaking awesome. I loved how informative, thorough, and patient she was as I asked a ton of questions, recorded the process, and jotted down notes (you can see my little yellow notepad in the video - lol).

Since my Devacut, I've amassed quite the collection of curly-girl-approved (and some not-approved) hair products. I now own all of the ones I've linked below, except for the Dyson hair dryer. Very hefty price tag, but well worth the investment. My plan is to save up for it and have it by December. Merry Christmas to me! 😊
Clearly I don't blog anymore (so sad, man -- I miss it so much), but I've become something of a curly girl method vlogger on Instagram. Lol. I update my failures and triumphs with my hair on a daily basis, documenting every new discovery as I go. I'm two months into my curly hair journey, and I've never felt so happy with my hair before. It's a huge struggle; I've often found myself organizing my life around my hair. But tbh, I always did that anyway! What I love most is that I-- and the rest of the curly girl and natural hair community-- am learning to love my hair in its natural state, as it grows out of my head, with no heat (even when you diffuse, you diffuse with cool or warm air only). This hair method has been such an important part of my mission to self-love and self-care a little better. I thank the natural hair community, the black women who started this defiant journey of self-acceptance and self-love to begin with. I am honored to join in on this fight against normative beauty standards, because honestly, ALL hair is beautiful, no matter the type, color, or texture. Keeping it healthy and loving it as it is ain't always easy; it is hard work. But I recently heard the following analogy by someone named Marion Carter in one of the curly Facebook groups I'm in:

Think of hair as a fabric. Cheap fabrics are common and are wash to wear. Expensive fabrics need to be well taken care of to look their best, some people only wish to own this luxury.

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Easter 2018: Chambray Ruffle Off-The-Shoulder Dress


I love the simplicity of this outfit. It's feminine, classic, and very spring-time. The only thing I'm wearing here that I paid for is the bag! Lol. My mom gifted me this chambray ruffle, off-the-shoulder dress for Christmas last year, as well as the Kate Spade heart watch the prior Christmas. The shoes were courtesy of Shopbop, back when I blogged regularly enough to qualify for such perks. And the lovely tassel earrings were a Christmas gift from one of my dear therapist friends, who found these little beauties at a Wynwood market. Neither of us can remember the name of the place, but we do know that they were handmade by a local Miamian who sells them there. I will be sure to update this if and when I find out the name! I love them so much, and would love to purchase a few more of these, specifically in emerald green! I love emerald so much.


------------ WHAT I WORE ------------

DRESS: Tommy Hilfiger via Macy's // EARRINGS: Wynwood market // BAG: Nordstrom // WEDGES: Raye (exact here in beige) via Shopbop // BROWS: Anastasia Brow Definer // LIPS: NYX

-------- SHOP EXACT/SIMILAR ---------

Sheer Botany


Well this outfit was such a hit at Sunday brunch yesterday that I made it a point to make a proper blog post out of it! I got this top from Shein (at just $10!) a few months ago and hadn't worn it yet. Immediately I knew I wanted to pair it with something just as bold, because more is more. I loved the idea of mixing all these natural prints and rich textures together, from the botanical, embroidered top to the calf hair leopard heels, plus some distressed denim. It would've looked even cuter with the fringe leg jeans that are so popular now but I don't own a pair. I finished it off with some matching jewelry (particuarly my Candles & Confetti bangles that I own in like every color) and tried to pull some of the green shades into my eye makeup.

------------ WHAT I WORE ------------

TOP: Shein ($10!) // JEANS: J. Crew // HEELS: Macy's // CLUTCH: ILY Couture // BELT: Forever 21 // BRACELETS: Candles & ConfettiKate SpadeMaria Shireen hair tie bracelet // EARRINGS: Kate Spade 

-------- SHOP EXACT/SIMILAR --------


------------ WHAT I WORE ------------

TOP: Shein ($10!) // JEANS: J. Crew // HEELS: Macy's // CLUTCH: ILY Couture // BELT: Forever 21 // BRACELETS: Candles & Confetti, Kate Spade, Maria Shireen hair tie bracelet // EARRINGS: Kate Spade 

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