March Recap

Meeting Marion // Modern and Feminine Easter Dress // Flamingo at Work
So I just realized that I scheduled tomorrow's outfit post for today and this one for tomorrow. Hate when that happens! So I reverted the other one to a draft, and it should go up in a few hours. 

January and February were crazy but manageable for me, as evidenced by actually being able to post a total of 11 outfits. March, however, was hectic, as evidenced by just posting three outfits. And the fact that I'm using "as evidenced by" here, as if I were writing a progress note. Lol. The first outfit was very much in line with what I had been wearing since the start of the year. Then I pulled out the spring pastels for these last two outfits. I was in an Easter mood. :)

Ahhh, I'm dogsitting @heisybarbara's perfect little happy puppy!!😍🐶❤😍 Max is not happy about it though. Lol. #dog #puppy #cockapoo #heartmelting #sofreakingcute #icantSometimes you strike up a conversation with a stranger on Instagram and then you befriend them irl! The story of how I met @m4liami is up on the blog today. 😊 #instagrambuddies #monamiefrancaise #Earnestyle
Fiery and pastel sky tonight. 💛 #miami #twilight #orisitduskBiking around town. 🚲🌴💙 #CoralGables #Miami #mediterraneanrevival
Saturdays. 🚲❤ #Earnestyle #comingsoonontheblogI have so many of these cool #spinart pictures on my phone. This is my all-time favorite, and it was made by a 4-year-old! It started as a regular spin art, and then she decided to paint the blank spots with her own watercolors to really highlight "the fa

My Instagram was kinda all over the place this month-- no consistent aim like I had in January and February. I kinda just posted what I felt like, like in the old days! Lately I feel pressure to maintain a certain visually appealing feed. But fuck it, I shared what I wanted with no regard for color or order or whatever because ain't nobody got time for perfection. Unless you're Julia Hengel or something, duh. Which I am not.

I also updated to using Google+ comments. I realized that you no longer lost the old Blogger comments if you upgraded to the Google+ commenting system, or maybe you never did and that was only the case with a third party commenting platform like Disqus. 

So those are my March updates! Stay tuned for April-- there's another photo shoot with Gen Street Style in the works. Can't wait!

Flamingo at Work


So this is a post from February during one of our last "cold fronts." I can get away with wearing flamingoes to work because I work with children and they think this stuff is adorable. I added some baby blue as if the outfit wasn't girly enough already. Why not right?

Modern and Feminine Easter Dress

Easter 2016 Outfit
ModCloth dress, Naughty Monkey wedges
natural curly braided style
Easter outfit 2016
DSC_0852naughty monkey

Dress: ModCloth via Second Time Around // Wedges: Naughty Monkey (from 2013 but still available here and here) // Bag: H&M // Necklace: JewelMint // Earrings: Nordstrom bp


Happy Easter, everyone!

I bought this dress three years ago at Second Time Around in the Sunset area, but this is only my second time wearing it and first time featuring it on the blog. I love the marble-like watercolor on it. The fit is very feminine but the print is all modern. Very cool blend. And then there's my all-time favorite wedges--the Naughty Monkey "Sprinkle" wedge, also from 3 years ago, but for some reason you can still find them (yay!) online in several places like Sears and Amazon

I'm glad I was finally able to wear this cute dress again-- I had originally bought it for Easter that year but ended up wearing this instead. Which was cute at the time and I definitely loved it. Very minty fresh. But way too colorful for me today. Lol... I generally still love my outfits from when I first started the blog, but that's one post where I definitely see how my style has evolved since I started this journey. In 2014 I ended up wearing this, which I still find cute. And here is last year's. Clearly I like being very light and spring-like on Easter. I was a 90's Cuban child, ok? Always in my little pastel-colored batas (see here for what that means).

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday, and I wish you all a happy, productive week!

P.S. I just watched TWD, of course, and am panicking a little. What is happening right now?? Why?? Ahhhh!

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Shoesday Tuesday: Statement Sneaks

Today's Shoesday Tuesday is a little different than what I usually post. I actually own many of these kinds of shoes-- two pairs of Toms, two Converse, and two boat shoes, but I rarely showcase them on the blog. I guess I like to show when I get all dressed up. Gotta show them some more love on the blog.
spring sneakers

7 - Keds 'Champion' Canvas Sneaker
8 - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Photo Reel Sunset Sneakers
9 - kate spade new york stefy "let's fly away" suede skate sneaker

I was originally going to talk about travel shoes today, but I kept seeing all these great prints on Shopbop that were new arrivals, and they totally won me over. I especially like the beautiful watercolor on the #8 Converse, the abstract graffiti on #3, and the adorable watermelon print on the #2 Keds. Oh, and #5, of course. I love a good floral. The Kate Spades in the middle are the only slip ons in this set but I couldn't pass them up because they are so damn cute. I'm a sucker for wearable text.

Would you wear any of these eye-catching sneaks?

Fun Stuff Friday: Mediterranean Cruise Dresses

Hi all!

So I'm going on this divine Mediterranean cruise in May, my birthday month, with one of my lifelong besties.

I am SO excited, you have no idea. Obviously, I'm already planning outfits! I'd like a big, beautiful statement dress (or 2) for the trip, but I need your help. It'll be in the 60's in the places I'm going to, so this Miami girl will likely need to cover up with light scarves and cardigans. After a few days searching, I think these dresses highlighted below are all great options. Some more practical than others, but all of them stylish. I could just picture walking around the streets of Rome or Mykonos in some of these. For Toulouse I'd love one of the Kimchi Blue ones from Urban. Which dress(es) would you buy?

I also really liked this one from Shopbop, in either of these colors. I would wear it with a denim jacket and scarf, of course. Lol. 
PicMonkey Collage

I already have one maxi and one midi dress I plan on taking, so realistically I just want one more. I'll also need some comfy shoes and I'd love recommendations. So far I have a pair of super old Steve Madden sandals and a pair of Toms that are so broken in I can comfortably walk for miles in them. Maybe I need some Birkenstocks too? Some stylish Nikes? What are your travel shoe preferences? The next few Fun Stuff Fridays will be about this trip, so I'll keep asking you guys for your opinions there.

Comment below with your input. I really appreciate it!


Meeting Marion

stripes and distressed denim weekend outfit
Instagram buddies

Hi everyone! Meet my Instagram buddy Marion!

Fun Stuff Friday: Statement Sunnies

Statement Sunglasses
Hello and happy Friday!!

So I have to start off by getting this off my chest: I hate the word "sunnies." It's just needlessly diminutive to me. I'm not exactly sure where the term came from, but it's been a retailer and blogger staple for at least the past 5 years now. I use the word because it's a word in usage, but for some reason it irks me.

So now that that's out of the way, let's focus on these featured "sunnies"!
My sunglasses collection has expanded significantly in the past year. I have to stop myself from buying more because really, how many sunglasses does one need? (MANY. My heart says the answer is many). I've never owned a designer pair, nor do I ever plan to, because I use and abuse my sunglasses to hell. Not to mention lose them.

Lately I've been gravitating toward these models. I particularly love the Le Specs brand glasses and the "on trend" ones from Forever 21 and Nasty Gal. So hot. Would you rock any of these "sunnies"? Lol, let me stop. 

Image links:

February Recap + Last Day to Shop the SHOPBOP Sale!

Hello all, and happy Saturday!

It's 5 days into March but now is when I've had some time to blog. The first of the month is always a very busy time at work-- hell, every week is a very busy time.

This February was memorable for me, to say the least.  I was able to blog pretty consistently, missing my goal of 6 outfits per month by only one post. I also got to begin my partnership with Shopbop, which I'm very excited about (more on their huge sale below!). 

In my personal life, a lot happened and didn't happen. I was out sick from work for a week and seriously considered looking for another job every. single. day. But alas, I am still there. Must get my hours for licensure, must keep my health and dental insurance, must go on that 14-day Mediterranean cruise in May! Must keep swimming. :)

Here are my favorite Instagrams of the month. Lots of sky pictures.

From a recent 🚲 ride. What I wish I was doing now! 💙 #Miami #mybeautifulcityJust scheduled a bunch of blog posts for the week, including this look where I'm rocking 5th day hair. Yep, 5th. 😊 I wish I had realized when I was younger how lucky I am to have my hair type. And that I'd always known how to style it! Would have saOne of my favorites just starting to bloom. ❤From my Valentine's Day post, now up on the blog. ❤ #EarnestyleYummy yum yum. 🍟🍔😊Had a client tell me "Nathalie, is it really you?" today because apparently I look "chunkier" with straight hair. 😂 #kidssaythedarndestthings
Cool weather skies. 🌴💙 #latepostWhat I wore to a friend's wedding, appropriately posted on #Oscars night! Lol. Felt very glamorous and regal indeed. 👑 #Earnestyle

And now for the HUGE SHOPBOP SALE! 

This is one of Shopbop's 3 big events per year so if you like shopping from Shopbop you shouldn't miss out! For me, the $250 minimum is a lot to spend, but I tend to go on three big shopping sprees a year, usually at the start of each season (I'm counting fall and winter together since I live in Miami, haha). I usually end up spending about $200 on these sprees, so for me this is the perfect time to stock up on spring and summer essentials and statement pieces. 

This handy link here explains the coupon code further. Sale ends at 11:59 pm Pacific time tonight.
Shop the sale with this link or check out the categories I'd splurge on below:

Thanks for reading, everyone!
A happy weekend to you all. :)