Guest Post on Petite Fashion Monster

This is me, at 13. 

Picture 006

I know, I know.
And I thought I looked so stylish.

The very stylish Avi from Petite Fashion Monster featured me on her blog, in an interview format. So if you'd like to get to know me a little better, read about this wonderful look of mine, and see me write in Spanish (my first language), you should definitely click here.

Firmoo Giveaway Winners

My $30 voucher giveaway to Firmoo glasses officially ended on Monday. Although I contacted the winners right away, I'm only now posting the winners for the rest of you to see! Better late than never, right? 

Mid-terms, people. Two weeks of mid-terms. Can't get much blogging done this way.

Thank you very much to all of those who entered this giveaway.
If you were a winner, please remember that your code can only be used once, and it expires on February 28th at midnight (EST). 

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After Work Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine's Day is on a weekday this year. As if the day weren't already complicated enough.
Wondering what to get your significant other, figuring out what to do with yourself if you're single, waiting an hour and a half in line at that restaurant because you forgot to make reservations. It takes all the fun out of this wonderful, commercialized day of friendship and romance.

Firmoo Glasses: $30 Voucher Giveaway! [closed]

Hi everyone! I'm being really good about not falling behind this semester, but unfortunately so far it's come with a price: less time available for blogging. Luckily, the kind folks at Firmoo, a global optical store, are helping me out by giving away $30 vouchers for their more high-end glasses to 6 of my readers.

Even though I don't need glasses, I've wanted a big pair of hipster glasses for a long time. So I was thrilled when Firmoo offered me these great "geek chic"glasses back in December. It was my first (and only) "freebie" as a blogger, and it was such a good one too! 
Read all about that here.
The vouchers offered in this giveaway are specifically for Firmoo's "F-Designer Glasses", the higher-end, more popular glasses on the site. And yet they don't come with a high-end price. With your voucher, you could be paying $38 for a brand new pair of glasses. 

The F-Designer glasses include all sorts of popular frames, from stylish conservative frames to bold, statement-making frames. I tend to gravitate towards the more funky ones. Here are some of my favorites:

So funky!
Unisex stainless steel full frame eyeglasses
These are sleek and funky all at once.
Unisex Mixed Material Full Frame Glasses
These are more work appropriate, but still very cute sexy if you ask me.
Unisex╬▓-Flex material full frame glasses
And these are also more wearable, but still attention-grabbing (especially the lighter pair).

Enter to win 1 of 6 available $30 vouchers for a pair of Firmoo Firmoo's "F-Designer Glasses":

The small large print: 
  1. Giveaway is open internationally and will close on February 18th. Winner will be announced on the 19th. 
  2. Vouchers expire at midnight, Februaury 28th, US time.
  3. Each voucher can take $30 off any F-Designer glasses order, but does not apply for shipping.
  4. Vouchers can only be used for the F-Designer glasses (here).

January Looks

Guest Post at One Chic Mom | New Days, But Not New Pants | Seasonless | Taking Your Own Pictures
The first two looks is me dressing in muted, wintry tones (still colorful- that's my thing), because I was still hopeful that winter might visit us this year.

The third and fourth looks represent my giving up on winter. I'm done. You freezing Northerners don't know my pain. Waiting for it to cool down every year to break out my cute, cold weather clothes. It just never happened this year. 

So I'm ready to go back to bright and vivid. Eff you, winter. Eff you.