Rolled up Jeans

I'm only 5'1". And as a 5'1" gal, I'm weary of all those "tips" about how to not look 5'1". This happens to girls and women of all body shapes and sizes. Always the message is to look thin and tall.

One of these "rules" for petites is not to wear capris or cropped pants. But I like the rolled up jean look, so here I am wearing the rolled up jean look.

Holiday Work Party Outfit


So this was my holiday work party outfit for the year. It's slightly Downton, don't ya think? With the black and the deep red and the stripes, plus the art deco-like long necklace.

November Outfits

Outfit on Repeat | Tropical Fall | Military Style | It's Fall Y'all
Um, it's December 2nd. How crazy is that?? 
Gets harder and harder to believe every year.

So this is my outfit recap for November. Wish I could show off my work style a little more like in Outfit on Repeat, but given that I work Monday-Friday roughly 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays 11 am to 2 pm, it's hard to get some outfit shoots in while there's still daylight. So you'll continue to see lots of weekender looks on here. :)

My personal favorite this month was It's Fall Y'all. How about yours?