Cute Fall Outfit + Self-Photography Troubles

It's been quiet on Earnestyle lately! I went on another road trip last week (pictures will be up in November), and the week before that I lost my remote so I couldn't take new outfit photos. Speaking of remotes...


Fun Stuff Friday: Two-Tone Pieces

Brown Two Tone
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
I've been drooling for two-tone pieces this fall, particularly shoes and bags, and particularly in brown. For as long as I can remember I've never liked combining black, brown, beige and navy. But more recently I've grown to LOVE the two-tone (or three-tone) look. For one thing, it's insanely practical, since you'll be able to match them to more items. They're also eye-catching statement pieces that are bound to get you some compliments. And because of the browns and relatively classic styles, they're pretty timeless too.

I ordered #8 (the "Meredith" ShoeMint heels) earlier this week and I cannot wait for them to arrive!

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Low Maintenance


I always think it's so funny how on Instagram girls are always "running errands" or "going on a [insert food place here] run" looking very high maintenance. But they're all like "I woke up like dis," you know?

Autumnal Kimono

falling flowers kimono

In keeping with the theme from my last post, here's another outfit that works for "fall" in Miami. I like to think the dark, floral pattern on this kimono and this "Wine Party" lipstick brings an autumnal flair to the look.

Fun Stuff Friday: "Fall" Pieces for Warm Climates

Fall colors and patterns are so rich and divine. Just because it's 90 degrees here doesn't mean you can't be all decked out in a fall wardrobe. This shopping post is dedicated to my warm weather peeps out there who love the fall as much as I do.
At the Office_Miami Fall Work Outfit
Bag | Top | Earrings
Heels | Skirt | Bracelets
Girls' Night
Necklace | Tee | Jeans
Heels | Envelope | Lipstick
Shopping Outfit
Necklace | Top | Pants
Watch | Bag | Booties
Making this set really made me wanna go shopping! Some bloggers say virtual outfit posts help them satisfy their shopping cravings, but for me it has the opposite effect. I want everything in that work outfit and I want it now!

Nathy and Allie do "Fall"


I went shopping with Allie, my 17-year-old cousin and frequent Earnestyle photographer, for her homecoming dress last weekend. She was nice enough (as always) to snap a few blog pictures before. But her outfit was all kinds of cute (also as usual), so I couldn't let her get away without getting in front of the camera. :)

"Save the Tatas" with Candles and Confetti

The bangles trend is huge right now, and Candles and Confetti makes some of the prettiest, most colorful ones out there. Today only, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they're offering a 20% discount on any order

Most importantly, Candles and Confetti will donate the discounted amount to Susan G. Komen to help fund mammograms for low-income women, support services for breast cancer patients, and resources for families who have suffered from a loss to breast cancer. 

Each bangle is handcrafted with beautiful natural stones, and they're fairly priced. Visit the Candles and Confetti website (here) to browse through their bangles (organized by color, or by collection). 

Email to place your order with the discount code savethetatasOffer code valid through 9 pm today.

September Recap

Whoa, 12 outfits this September! That's an Earnestyle first, made possible by all those August road trip posts (outfits 2-9).

September 1
Miami Mondays | Touring through Savannah | Savannah's River Street Charm
September 2
Charleston's American Theatre | Boone Hall Plantation | Charleston Sights
September 3
Charleston Harbor | An Afternoon in St. Augustine | Castillo de San Marcos
September 4
Dinner Date | Like Mother, Like Daughter | Lunch Date

As for my favorite Instagram shares of the month-- it's pretty views, happy days, and flowery moments. Nothing new there; nature and detail shots are always my fav. I've had more time to enjoy the things I love since I finished practicum in August. I bet October will bring more pretty pictures. 

StiltsvilleRed hibiscus centerAcee's Iceesyellow flowerFlamboyant Tree, early SeptemberGood hair day selfieBoynton Beach palmsKate Spade inspired maniTiny Roses

Wishing you a happy October.
Thanks for reading!