May Outfits

May Outfits
Now that's more like it! I haven't posted this many outfits since the inaugural month of Earnestyle, almost a year ago! It's always been my goal to post 6 looks a month, but I always end up with 4. Fortunately this month I had a pretty light load of school and work stuff, plus there were lots of birthdays to celebrate, so I pushed myself to really stick to my goal. :)

Which one's your favorite? I always like finding out which one resonated the most with you guys.

I've Got a Secret

DSC_0735_green maxi skirt
I am so in love with this flowy, pleated green maxi skirt from Modcloth. It's really supposed to be a midi skirt, but since I'm a shorty, it's more of a maxi. I paired it with this Teeology graphic tee (a giveaway win thanks to The Fashionable ESQ!) to keep the look from being too dressy. 

"Curvifying" Striped Dress

I got this dress on final sale last year at Francesca's. The slanted stripes on the lower half are particularly figure-flattering, helping to define the waist and "curvify" the lower body (great word I just invented). 

Neon Birthday


I turned 23 last Wednesday. And yep, I wore this bright, colorful outfit on a Wednesday night. Nothing very special about a Wednesday, and nothing very eventful about the number 23 (not like 15, 16, 18, 21). The special "coming of age" birthdays are over for me, but the special birthday outfits sure are not!


Nautical looks are typically red, white, navy, and stripey. Although I used polka dots in this look, it still gives off a slightly nautical feel, doesn't it?

After the Vintage Revenge event a few weeks ago, I came home, looked in the mirror, and decided that I should try to make the most of my hair and makeup while it lasted. I present to you the results of that decision.

Lazy Weekend Wear

I've had these pants since 2003, 2004. And you can tell! 

Monochromatic Mint

Christos anesti! Not that I'm Greek. Or Greek Orthodox. But today just happens to be Orthodox Easter, which I took as the perfect excuse to very belatedly show you my Easter outfit from back in March.

April Outfits

My Happy Place | Vintage Revenge Blogger Breakfast | Schoolboy Blazer-Cardigan

Everything is blue. Haha, I do that a lot don't I? Like last fall, when all my outfits were mustard yellow in some way (see here and here).

I'm SO excited for May! Here's why:
  1. I'll be posting all the great outfits I actually wore in April but haven't been able to share yet. 
  2. My birthday's in 13 days, and my boyfriend's in 16! Plus my grandpa, grandma, uncle, and boyfriend's grandma also have May birthdays.
  3. Finals will be over by then. J
  4. I will have a 4-day break that will be used for retail therapy (and actual therapy), a beach outing, and who knows what other fun stuff.
  5. There's a new blog design (by the lovely Joyce of Joyful Outfits) in the works! So excited for that, it deserves three exclamation points!!!
Can't wait to really start this a-May-zing month! (Couldn't help myself).