Happy Turkey Day!

Guess what? This is (hopefully) the last time I will ever post photos taken with my point and shoot! In a few minutes I'll be in Black Friday land, on the hunt for a DSLR (among other things). So excited! Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it out there.

Chambray, Lace, and Leopard

Looking at my color-coordinated closet and my previous blog posts, it's pretty obvious that I don't own many yellow pieces. This is very strange because I went through a big yellow phase a couple of years ago. It was so serious that everybody got me yellow things for Christmas that year. So I've made it my mission to incorporate this lively color that I have forgotten about (who forgets yellow?) back into my ever-expanding wardrobe.

Have YOU Voted Yet?

Yesterday my mom got in line at the library at 2 pm. Around 4 pm she realized it might be a good idea to call me, since she had told me to wait for her so we can vote together on Saturday morning. So I rushed over after work and made it there by 4:30. Thanks to my mom, I only had to wait in line for 30 minutes. Score! Although it might have been even faster to vote on election day. Oh well.

October Looks

October was fun. There was Chic for a Week, Halloween Horror Nights, my 5th year anniversary, Halloween (my second-favorite holiday!). Too bad I only have 5 outfits to show for it. I promise, I didn't just wear pajamas the rest of the 26 days. I just didn't take pictures. Apparently my mom and boyfriend have other things to do with their lives that are more important than being my photographer. I know, right? How dare they. 

Which outfit was your favorite?

Row 1: No Makeup, No Problem | Say Hello to my Little Friend | Never Have I Ever...
Row 2: Halloween Horror Nights 2012 | 5 Years!
Note to self: Never post an uneven number of looks a month, because then the second row of my monthly recap has these weird blank spaces on the sides. Obsessive-compulsive much? Just a tad.