April Outfits and Favorite Instagrams

april spring outfits
april spring outfits_stripes_scarf_pastel

I made it to 6 outfits this month! I love when that happens.
Lots of stripes and pretty pastels here.
Which April outfit did you like best?

And new to my monthly recaps: favorite Instagram uploads of the month!

Red  to work on a #friday? Sure, why not. Happy friday everyone! #tgif #selfieThree new #bikini tops!  Can't wait to wear them. ☉ #summer #miami #bathingsuitsMy little monster. From my grandma's garden. ♡We have really great hair genes. #family #hair #loveSo sad I have to return these strange beauties from @emandleewilla! 6.5 was too big and they're all out of 6's. :( #shoeoftheday #shoeporn #heels
1 - Red lips to work on a Friday (why not?)
2 - Pattern mixing!
3 - My dog enjoying some backyard grass time
4 - Lilies from my grandma's garden <3
5 - My cousins and godmother and I on Easter
6 - Gorgeous heels from Em and Lee that didn't fit. :(

Stay tuned for May! It's gonna be busy.

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Nautical Spring Weekend Outfit

This skirt is one of my favorite skirts, ever. I got it from Shabby Apple two years ago and I wear it A LOT-- it's strange that I don't have a single blog post with it. So here it is in a nautical spring look perfect for casual weekend activity.

Is it Easter or St. Patrick's Day?


Honestly this outfit was a happy accident. You see, I haven't done laundry in quite some time so I'm running out of clothes to wear. When that happens, you combine things you wouldn't have otherwise.

Beige and Blue

Beige and Blue

So I wore this to work two weeks ago. It looks kinda out of place given my last sunny Miami day outfits, but I swear it was a cool spring day morning just after a "cold front".

The Striped Maxi Dress

This dress is insanely comfy, and so cute. I felt like I was parading around town in my pjs. It's by Keds from the junior's section in Macy's (I can still do that, right??). I noticed it in the first place beause of my girl Taylor Swift and her adorable ad campaigns with them!

Springtime Business Casual

I should probably say something about my outfit, since this is a style blog and all, but look at these bougainvilleas! Bougainvilleas can be found anywhere and everywhere in Miami. Rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods, workplaces, random places. They make such pretty backdrops for springtime blog pictures. 

A Sunny Spring Outfit

 sunny spring weekend outfit

March Outfits

march pink spring outfits
Youth Fair Outfit | Peachy Keen | Professional Spring Outfit | Saturday Work Outfit
Lots of pink on the blog last month! It's always been my favorite color (how unusual in a girl right?) but lately I've been gravitating even more towards it.

Which March outfit did you like best? My favorite shoot was probably Peachy Keen (#2)-- those bougainvilleas were so beautiful!