Mint and Lime

Mint and lime: It works in cocktails, AND in outfits. Especially on St. Patty's Day.

Prim and Proper

This outfit is pretty special to me. I wore it to visit my former students at the high school where I "served" for a year with City Year. I wore many hats during my time there (mainly tutor and behavioral mentor for non-English speakers), and I loved (almost) every single minute of it. It was so hard for me to leave the world of education to start grad school

So in the first week of March, it was time for the CELLA, the big annual test that determines in which ESOL level a student will be placed the following year. My students' teacher invited me to give a small pep talk on the importance of the test and to boost their spirits. They had no idea I was coming. So I get there, and all 96 of my students, plus and minus some more, were in the same room! It had been a while since I had seen them, and the sheer number of them, so excited to be seeing me again, caught me off guard. I, Miss Fleitas (oops, I gave my last name away), felt like a deer in headlights.

Anyway, the talk went well, and I was overjoyed to see how far they've come. I actually wore a black blazer instead of this one, because I felt it was more appropriate. However, for this post, I couldn't help but switch to this fabulous blazer from my mom's closet. :)

Flowy and Flowery


It's been slightly cool lately, and I just can't lay off the floral scarves! I figure I better take advantage of the "spring" while it lasts. Next week it'll be summer again.

College Outfit Gets Grad School Update

I was a psychology and anthropology major in college. I spent the vast majority of my undergraduate years in UM t-shirts and sweatshirts, jeans, and Old Navy flip-flops.

Sure, I can still wear that to class. But I will look like a college freshman. So when I'm feeling too stressed to get dressed (haha- it rhymes), I revert to my good ol' college uniform, plus a few easy upgrades.