Let's be Real

This post is very different from what I typically share with you guys. But it had to be done.
In honor of all things annoying on this lovely (oh, the irony) April Fool's Day, here are 4 of my biggest fashion blogging pet peeves.

1. Everything is casual. 

Just because you have fancy tastes doesn't mean that everything that's not decked up in 7-inch heels and 5 pounds of makeup is casual. Actually, that's exactly what bloggers sometimes call "casual". So then, what does my casual look like to them? Pajamas??

"Oh, just doing the dishes."
C'mon. You know that wearing an asymmetrical skirt, a hat, and 7-inch heels at the same time does not fit anyone's definition of "casual" in real life. So why label it that way? Why lead people to believe that your lifestyle is so riche (that's rich in French) that this is how you dress on a normal, casual day? Ok, I hear you. You're a fashion/style blogger; I get it. You're allowed to dress this way and get away with it. But when one of your blog's objectives is to give advice to your readers, please don't let them believe that they can wear that mini swing skirt with sky-high heels to the grocery store.

2. Follow-for-follow

Whether you're an established blogger, a new blogger, or an in-between blogger, we've all seen it. Maybe we've even done it ourselves:
Hi there! Lovely post! Please check out my blog. Let me know if you follow so I can follow you back.
Seriously? You're not gonna tell me exactly which part of my post is lovely, and you're only gonna follow me if I follow you first? So you don't really like my post. Or my content. You're just interested in adding another number to your members list. And you're shameless about it!

3. "Lovely"

This word had real meaning for me before I got into blogging. It conjured up images of soft, romantic English settings, shabby chic decor, the soft pastels in a Monet painting.

Or Keiko Lynn's apartment and everything in it.

It's a good word, and there are definitely many lovely sights in the blogosphere. This is probably why the word is so overused. But this one's not as bad as the ones above. I mean, at least we're not overusing the word "nice", right? Oh wait, we're doing that too.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of synonyms for lovely and nice, plus other words you can use to describe whatever catches your eye. You're welcome.

  1. charming
  2. quaint
  3. pretty! (not overused, surprisingly)
  4. interesting
  5. radiant (good for describing smiles)
  6. graceful
  7. elegant
  8. precious (good for pets and kiddies)
  9. sweet
  10. wonderful
  11. amazing
  12. impressive
  13. stunning
  14. incredible
  15. phenomenal
4. Anonymous bloggers

I don't mean those of you who don't show us your faces. That's completely understandable. Perhaps you have a job that doesn't lend itself to having a style blog, much less to achieving recognition from it. 

Of course you should take me seriously as your therapist.
Don't mind the red dress and leopard heels.
Anonymous blogging is what I call posting pictures of your outfits without a single word about it, about you, or about anything else other than the stores you got your stuff from. Why go through the trouble of taking pictures and posting them online without bothering to explain anything about them? I suppose this is a personal choice. Perhaps the anonymous blogger's goal is not to gain a following or to interact with similar others. Still, I don't like to see bloggers do this. And it's usually bloggers who have a pretty solid following too, which comes off as arrogant. Like they're too busy/important to answer your question, or to tell you anything about their day.

So there you have it-- four blogging pet peeves that drive me up the wall.

Do you agree/disagree? Which ones did I leave out?


    1. I could not agree more - especially with #2. I don't want people to follow my blog just so I'll follow theirs, and I don't want them to comment just so I'll go comment on theirs. I want them to comment or follow if they see something that they actually like, and I'll definitely go check out their blog if they do so. But. I'm not going to comment on someone else's blog if I don't personally like their style and outfits.

    2. The anonymous blogging doesn't bother me - I actually think that it demands higher-quality images if there are no words (if the images such though then it's just a bad blog). The follow-for-follow is definitely my pet peeve. And as to #1 - there is nothing that makes me happier than when I land upon a post where the blogger admits that they had to change into flats part of the way through the day/activity/outfit/whatever. Because that's real. 4-inch heels for 8 hours straight isn't fooling anyone.


      1. Yeah, you have a point. If you have no words, you better have some great pictures! Still, I'd just like to see some recognition that they appreciate their readers taking the time to comment.

    3. Every time I look at more established bloggers I feel that all of their casual outfits to me look like something you would wear to event or dinner. and the follow for follow what are we? In High school?

      1. Well, some bloggers are in high school! But the follow for follow phenomenon does encompass all ages. It's just not fun for anyone involved.

    4. I actually don't like to complain; just put my head down and do my thing and if people like it they like it. If they don't they don't. However, one thing that really bothers me is poor grammar, spelling mistakes, misuse of words. The blogging world is very over-saturated, how can we afford to put anything put our best foot forward? To me, that includes checking over your post before you publish!

      1. Yes, I am something of a grammar nazi (as much as I don't like that word) too. But I do tend to be wordy! I love me some words. Lol

        Also, I hope I didn't give the impression that I'm complaining. I would never complain to someone on their blog about what I think they're doing wrong, or what bothers me. These are just some observations that I've made since I got into blogging, and I thought it would be funny to share them with others.

    5. This post is too funny. I have a hard time with the follow for follow comments. I'd rather them not leave a comment at all!


    6. #4 some people can totally pull off the anonymous blogging, think Blair from Atlantic-Pacific she's so quiet but I love her blogs regardless.
      #1 is so true that why this year I decided to show 3 outfits a day I bet no one is interested in what i wear to the grocery store.
      #2 OMG so annoying, it's also funny when they compliment you on your hat, but wait I'm not wearing a hat :/
      #3 I always try to pinpoint what I like about an outfit, If I'm in a rush I just get to it later.

      Great Post!

      1. Yeah, I agree that they can totally pull it off. I don't think the length or the quality of your write-up correlates with the quality of your posts. I just don't like seeing a blogger with thousands of followers and 100+ comments per post remain THAT neutral in the blog. As in not interacting with others, not occasionally responding to a few comments, or not saying anything about their outfits.

        And hey, I bet some people might be interested in what you wore to the grocery store! You never know. People search for everything on Google, haha.

    7. Anonymous blogging doesn't bother me, but I ABSOLUTELY hate the number 2, follow for follow....aaaargh!!!!

    8. Oh man, #2...aha, I'll admit I've been guilty of that, but not anymore! It really is meaningless follows anyway. And its so annoying when you get a comment and you KNOW they just copied and pasted the same thing on numerous blogs! I stopped replying to those haha.
      Also, the anonymous thing bugs me too! I like knowing a bit about the person and their thoughts

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      1. Haha, yes! That's pretty annoying too. I've been guilty of complying with follow-for-follow requests too, and now I feel guilty about it!

        Also, glad to know I'm not alone in the anonymous thing. :)

    9. Hello brave lady! LOL. My favorite is the image in number two. The meme (however you say it / spell it) is classic. the face on that thing will forever haunt my dreams.

      The Fashionable ESQ

      I left my link.
      This is so that you visit it.
      You can follow me if you'd like. Oh wait, you already do.
      I craaaaaack myself up.

      PS: I'm adding a pet peeve - the SPAM control on these things is OUT of control!

      1. Haha, you crack ME up!
        Thanks for the added pet peeve!

    10. Ok ok! I have been guilty of the follow for follow BUT I do like to take the time to read and give feedback to the blogger. Lately I've been busy and am trying to get into a schedule for blogging but it can be challenging which is why the follow for follow thing isn't too bad if I know I'll come back and read later. It's hard to get to all of the blogs but I do get to some! I like when people take the time to point out what they enjoyed on my blog or things I can improve on so I try to do that for bloggers I meet. I'm fairly new to the blogging game and yes, at first I was annoyed with the follow for follow people especially when I didn't have a groove on how it all worked, but it's not as bad as long as you read at least one post. Even now I am still learning and will continue to grow and evolve as a blogger. Anyhow, this post is so true! Real talk! haha Thanks for sharing! :)



      1. Glad you liked it, Angela! Idk, it's very difficult to pull off the follow-for-follow thing without coming off as needy or disinterested in your blog. I agree that it's hard to build up a following and to know what the "rules" are in the beginning.

    11. lol, agreed.
      #2 is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine.
      i don't like "follow me!" comments because
      it's just spammy and seems like they didn't
      even read the post.

      erica | sweets + hearts

    12. This really cracked me up. The honesty was brilliant! No. 2 is the way that frustrates the most. The "I'll give you a number if you give me a number" is ridiculous because numbers mean nothing. Better a handful of readers than a stack of statistics.

      xx Mandi

      1. Yes, this is very true. It's very easy to fall into the trap of accumulating numbers, because that's part of what potential sponsors want to see.

    13. soooooo true!!
      people that say "nice! can we follow each other if you want? let me know" i dont even take the time to read their name or visit their blog!! i hate that!!

      everything is so true in this post!! when you go on lookbook, casual is not casual in fact ! lol sometimes i'm like "what??? she wear stuff like this everyday to go to university??" lol

      i really hope that those who do that will see that post ... thank u for this

      1. Yes, that was my number one because I see it ALL THE TIME and it just goes unnoticed! Well, I'm sure lots of people notice it, but they don't really talk about it. So I talked about it. :)

        Thank you for your comment, Melissa!

    14. I love your blog, especially cause you're in FL! I don't have a blog, I'd like to start one but I feel like I should have solid content first, but I do love reading blogs. One of my biggest pet peeve is that when a blogger starts becoming "well-known" and they start featuring sponsored products, and it just seems so contrived and forced...because some of that stuff is U-G-L-Y, and you know that they're only saying good things about it for the $$$.


      1. Aww, yeah I've noticed that too. Money can make it difficult to stay true to who you are and what you'd like your blog to be.

        Where in FL are you from? It took me several years of reading blogs before I finally got the courage to start one myself! I started posting on Lookbook a few months before starting my blog. And I had a Blogger and a Lookbook account for much longer. I hope you'll get it all figured out so you can start soon! Blogging is a lot of fun. :D

      2. Hi! I grew up in a tiny city in Indian River County, but now I'm a SoFL resident. I live close to Ft. Lauderdale. Do you have any South Florida bloggers whose pages you can recommend? :)

      3. Yes! There's Rachelle from Pink Sole (lives in Ft. Lauderdale too), The Fashionable Esquire, The Princess Martha, Fashion Poet, and of course there's Nany's Klozet, Steffy's Pros and Cons, Capture Fashion. Each of these bloggers have unique styles. Hope this helps!

        I hope you'll let me know if and when you start your blog. :)

    15. This is all sooooo funny!!
      You are one interesting and funny lady! lolololol

      I am so with you on all these subjects!
      The follow for follow and never commenting on your blog after that,is something I don't like the most!
      I mean sometimes we can't comment on every post,because we can get busy with life,but never hearing from anyone seems so fake and just in it for the number of followers they are trying to gain lol

      I really enjoyed this post Nathy!!

      xoxo kisses

      I WILL stay in touch hihi

      Tamara ChloƩ


      1. Thank you for all those compliments, Tamara!! I'm glad you found this funny. That was definitely my intention. :)

        I look forward to staying in touch with you as well!

    16. Haha, I love this post! #1, casual to me is jeans and/or flats. I agree though, sometimes you see a blogger wearing what they call casual, and you're like... but I'd wear that to a wedding. Hah. And #2, I just ignore those nowadays. #3 and #4 don't really bother me as much as long as their comment/blog is genuine.

      xo, Yi-chia
      Always Maylee

    17. Ha! Great post. Love #2 especially!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I too have a hard time finding bathing suits! ..and living in Florida, I need to keep my swim drawer full! The year they decided to sell separates, was a gift from god! :) I typically purchase mine from Victoria Secrets and Everything But Water. I've even purchased a few from Target, however, the sizing seems to be a little off for petite/smaller women.

      xo, tasha
      twenty-something blog

    18. I've been meaning to comment on this post since you told me about it (via a comment on my blog) and you are right, it is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!!! So spot on.

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    Thanks for your comments, everyone!
    I enjoy reading them and checking out your blogs, too. :)