Adventuring @ the Merrick House

Today I'd like to transport you to a pioneer-era tropical oasis. 
My cousin/part-time photographer Allie joined me on this fun, touristy adventure that I've been meaning to go on for years!

George Merrick House
This is the Merrick House. It was built in the early 1900's by a reverend and his wife who traded the fun winters of Massachusetts for the beauty and splendor of mosquitoville Miami. George Merrick, one of the reverend's children, inherited the house and went on to found Coral Gables, one of the most beautiful cities in America and definitely a place I'd like to call home someday.

The home is now a museum of sorts. The inside is only open from 3-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays but the yard and gardens aren't fenced in so they're accessible whenever.

Here I am marveling at the beautiful coral rock garden. This is Coral Gables's signature "coral", which isn't really coral at all. It's actually limestone that Merrick made available to anyone who wanted to build homes with it. Or at least that's the way the story goes. Since the coral was free and plentiful at first (not to mention beautiful), it was used in many of the early Coral Gables homes and landmarks. In fact, so much coral was dug out that Merrick decided to make an artificial lagoon out of the old quarry: Venetian Pool.

mint Steve Madden bag_mustard lace LOFT skirt
The view from the bench I sat in. So tranquil.

The beautiful coral rock garden is next to what I assume was a guest house?

View from up top.. The stairs are so steep. And it's noisy in there! The building houses some sort of machinery. It was kinda creepy.

Guest house from main house side port view. Lots of banana trees!

A single bulb in a simple antique drop over the car port. So beautiful. Also notice the chimney in the background for those chilly Miami winter nights! I'm tellin' ya, it can get really cold here a few times a year without heating, especially in old, uninsulated homes.

Side door on the northwest side. Anybody know what in the world that orange thing inside the coral is? It looked squishy!

Cute little windows on the west side of the main house.

Back view of the main house. So quaint. <3

Also short. Notice the beautiful coral rock in the steps again.


Summer crops grown on the east side of the property. In coral beds, of course!

Such dense, tropical vegetation in the yard.

That little table and bench must be original to the home (at least 1920's original?), otherwise it wouldn't be chained up like that.

The columns and ceilings wrap around the entire home, excluding the north (back) part of the house.

The bees die at night. :(

When Allie took these pictures she looked at me and said, "Nature photography!" Lol, indeed it is.

Please ignore my pretentious look here. Didn't mean to do that! Just wanted you to see my turquoise eye makeup. :)

aguacates redondos
We were so intrigued by these avocados! We'd never seen them in this shape before.

Found it right there on the coral rock.

It's a gable-roofed coral home on Coral Way in Coral Gables.


So that was my day at this precious Coral Gables landmark that will surely be treasured for centuries to come. If Florida isn't underwater by then of course. I had an anthropology professor once who strongly advised us not to invest in FL real estate because he says in 100 years it'll all be buried in water. But that's a conversation for a whole 'nother time.

Like I said, I didn't even see the inside because they're only open on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. If you are from Miami or are ever in Miami, I highly recommend visiting the Merrick House. It will surely take you back to the pioneer era, before the real estate booms and the Cubans and the fancy buildings built on drug money, back when panthers roamed with the carriages (yikes) and ladies wore their Sunday Best in 90 degree, mosquito-laden weather.

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Top: American Rag via Macy's (old)
Skirt: LOFT (last fall)
Sandals: Nine West (old)
Bag: TJ Maxx (last spring)
Bracelets: Pandora, Lucky Brand
Watch: Fossil via Macy's

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  1. Wow, this place looks really fun! I would stay there all day! Love your yellow skirt by the way!

    1. It was totally fun! I'm the biggest Coral Gables nerd and could barely contain my excitement. Haha.

  2. I so want to go there, it's gorgeous and love your darling outfit. It kinda matches the house.


    1. Thanks, Rachelle! The matching was a happy accident-- this was a spontaneous outing that came together at last minute and I just happened to be dressed nicely for it!

  3. beautiful photos! :) i like the outfit colors too

  4. Those were avocados?? I haven't seen them look like that ever before! Looks like a gorgeous place to visit! Sometimes it's just fun to be a tourist!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. Haha, we hadn't either! Embarassing disclosure: We thought they were guavas. Lol. It was only when I got home that my mom and godmother told us it was an avocado!

  5. Looks like it was a wonderful time you guys had. Great photos, thanks for transporting me! It's a balmy 96 degrees in Nashville right now, so I feel like I'm right there with ya! ; )

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  7. Gah, I want to go visit now! This place looks AMAZING <3
    Love your mix of mint and yellow. That lace skirt is just so pretty!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Loving those colors look SO pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Love this color combo! Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite

  10. This look is so beautiful!!!! Im obsessed with ur skirt! The color is gorgeous ^^
    Im now following ur blog on bloglovin!

  11. Great pictures! I've added this to my Foursquare "To Do" list, in case I'm ever in the area!

    It's Emma Elise


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