Versatile and Eclectic


This post has 3 objectives:
1) to show you this versatile, eclectic outfit I came up with
2) to show you my new favorite necklace
3) to talk to you about perfectionism

Behold, my new favorite necklace! A beautiful, handcrafted mosaic mermaid and one-of-a-kind statement piece by Lexi Jewelry. I featured one of their mosaic fishies (here) in my holiday shopping list last year and Lexi was kind enough to send me my all-time favorite piece of theirs, this beautiful little mermaid. I'm obsessed.

A snapshot of Miami's January climate for all you northeners to hate me. Haha.

As for perfectionism...

Well, my skirt is wrinkled, the lighting was off, and the photo quality itself is off because I was using someone else's camera-- a better camera, but I was unfamiliar with it.

And it's been so hard for me to hit that "publish" button! Because my skirt and the lighting and the grainy, blurriness factor and blah blah blah. I bet you hadn't even noticed any of these things until I pointed it out. Having high standards is not necessarily a bad thing, but to the extent that it makes you frozen with self-doubt and insecurity, we've run into a problem.

Ok, so maybe I'm not frozen. That sounds a little extreme. Haha.
In any case, tell me: Do you find yourself struggling with perfectionism? 
What do you do to minimize the problem? Comment below!

Top: Anthropologie (it's a pajama top!)
Skirt: Vintage (belonged to my mama)
Denim shirt: Also vintage, and also my mom's
Flats: Target
Bag: JustFab
Watch: Fossil
Bracelets: Pandora
Necklace: c/o Lexi Jewelry (here)

Another look with this denim shirt:

The Industrial Country Barn


  1. I didn't notice any of those things even after you did mention it. I like the nude/pink with bright red.

  2. Oh you silly girl, these photos are fine! And I didn't even notice the wrinkles until you said something. Aha, that's always how it goes though. I love the unique necklace too :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. You can't even tell, but we do tend to be harder on ourselves, sometimes it's really hard to press the publish button. And I love the picture with the little flower :)


  4. What a beautiful look! I love your skirt! <3

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  5. Oh, I think the pics are fine! I don't think I struggle with perfectionism, but I definitely like things a certain way. :) I think I'm more control freak than perfectionist. Anyways, very cute mermaid necklace as well.


  6. Girl, you look fabulous, these pictures are fabulous, your skirt is fabulous - everything is this post is blog-worthy!
    I can definitely relate to you about perfectionism though - I think it affects me more than I even realize, especially when it comes to even starting projects. I'm too afraid I'll mess it up!
    So thank you for posting this :)

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