Escape Miami 2

This was my first year attending (and participating in) a Swim Week event, and it was such a great experience! I wrote about the photo shoot and the event here earlier in July. Here are some highlights of the actual Escape Miami 2 event. Huge thank you to Annie (aka The Fashion Poet) for inviting me to be a part of it!

French Connection floral dress
Escape Miami 2 bloggers
National Hotel Escape Miami beach balls
Images via @ohmynessa on Instagram

Earnestyle Miami Style Blog
The moment I found my picture strung along in this row of amazing Miami bloggers!
Miami Swim Week 2014_Escape Miami 2

Let me tell you, the models in the show had meat on them. I was pleasantly surprised to see some jiggle. These are the only two good shots I was able to get, but trust me when I say that for the most part they were very authentic and representative of Miami.

Italia Independent sunnies. Love those yellow ones!
Gissi Jimenez Escape Miami 2 sketch

Sketch by the wonderful Gissi Jimenez, aka the Architect of Style. She's an architect, a fashion illustrator, a style blogger, an identical twin, and a super nice person! This girl had a big line waiting for her, and she hadn't eaten in a while, and it was HOT. Yet she never lost her cool (no pun intended) or her desire to make pleasant conversation. I admire that.

Architect of Style fashion sketches
Nathy F. Earnestyle
French Connection floral watercolor dress

As for what I wore, I was torn between two dresses, both of which I bought at Consign of the Times on Sunset and 57th the day before! I don't recommend ever doing that, but it worked out for me. 

I love the busy floral watercolor print of this lovely French Connection dress. It looks great without the belt too-- very flowy. I wish I had taken more pictures before my hair fell flat with the Miami humidity. It had some great Farah Fawcett waves that complemented the 70's feel of the dress. Also I look so tired in these full-body pictures, because I was. Lol.

Outfit details
Dress: French Connection via Consign of the Times (similar below)
Shoes: BCBGeneration (old)
Bag: Michael Kors (gifted; old)
Earrings: c/o Benevolent Jewels (old)



  1. It was so nice to finally meet you, isn't Gissi the sweetest?


    1. Yes! She really is, and it was so nice to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to the next time! :)

  2. That looks like it was so much fun!!! Love your lipstick you wore the day of the event as well! Cheers girl!

  3. Congratulations on being invited to participate in this huge event! I hope you were very proud of yourself! I love the dress that you ended up choosing (very nice and breezy). Your photos in the campaign are absolutely stunning.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun and it definitely makes me jealous of all the events that take place down in MIA, I would love to meet some of the bloggers I follow.


    PS: I am in love with your hat picture, it's so fun and pretty

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