130 Habersham Street

On our first trip to Savannah this summer, I fell in love with this ivy-covered house which I recognized from this Flickr photo that I had found while researching the city. I noticed that the house was for sale, so naturally I later found its listing online (spoiler alert: it's still on the market going for $1,975,000).

So for our October road trip we stopped by Savannah again on the way back home, specifically for some Byrd's chocolate chip cookies (so damn good!). I didn't feel like taking blog photos that day because I felt very tired and hadn't put any makeup on-- you know, since we had like a 9 hour drive ahead of us and I wanted to dress for comfort. But then I remembered that I couldn't get any good pictures of this house last time, so we stopped by like totally creepy tourists to take photos of this beauty. Lol. My mom then insisted that I might as well take outfit photos.

I think it's stunning, overgrown ivy and all.
DSC_0469DSC_0484DSC_0474PicMonkey Collage

I wonder if it's currently occupied... And if so, if the owners saw that I was right at their front door. I promise owners, this isn't as creepy as it looks! Just a girl and her style blog, using your wonderful home as a background.


It was in the 80's by the time we hit Florida so I shed my scarf, the shirt seen here (I had a tee underneath), and changed into some comfortable moccasins.

Shirt: LOFT
Pants: Second Yoga Jeans (won in a giveaway on Falling in Style's old blog)
Boots: Easy Spirit via Macy's
Scarf: Forever 21
Backpack: DSW


And that's the end of my fall road trip posts. 
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