January Recap + Work Style Wednesday

January 2015 outfits
Quirky Business Casual // Fun AND Modest // Kid-Friendly in Polka Dots // (Almost) All Black

So I'm cheating a little bit today and combining my monthly recap with the Work Style Wednesday linkup. Because for the life of me I could not find a single moment to take proper blog pictures this week. That's just how part-time style bloggers roll. 

January 2015 was really good to me. I met new clients, started Work Style Wednesday with Martha of Sun Fun Fashion, posted 5 outfits on the blog (one not pictured), and got myself on ModCloth's and Francesca's Collections Instagram pages! Woot-woot!

2014 collageJanuary mango flowersLa Palma chocolate caliente con churrosModest in ModCloth
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And these were my favorite shots shared on Instagram. Looks like my grandma's gonna get lots of mangoes this year! Look at all those flowers! And that hot chocolate is the closest thing to Spanish hot chocolate we've got in Miami (at La Palma). It's so deliciously thick and creamy... That's perfectly ok to say because I'm talking about hot chocolate. ;)

And now for Work Style Wednesday!


  1. Lovely looks for January! The mango tree looks gorgeous and it seems like you'll have an excellent crop this year. We have orange trees and they are always hit or miss from season to season.

    1. Yep! Can't wait! Hope you get a great crop too. :)

  2. I'm hearing you with the challenges of fitting blogging in when you work full time. Combine this with the fact my official photographer (aka the hubs) is a shift worker and I have to wok with his schedule as well makes it tough some weeks!


    1. Tell me about it! I take a lot of my own photos but even I wasn't available for pictures this week, haha.

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