Kitschy and Retro at the Beach!

retro kitschy swim
retro print mixing at the beachNathalie-Beach-39Nathalie-Beach-38
houndstooth and watermelon

Top: Target (at least 6 years old!) // Bottom: American Apparel // Shoes: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx (super old) // Bag: TJ Maxx // Sunglasses: Poshmark // Lipstick: Sephora lip stain as base + Revlon Candy Apple over it
Hi guys! So this is the last look from my swim shoot with Gen (other two here and here). I love any chance to get all kitchy and retro, especially at the beach. It's just so fun and playful-- totally feels like you're in a 60's beach flick, you know? Haha. I really loved this houndstooth + watermelon print mix, too. They're totally different prints but together they make for a quirky, retro beach look. My one regret in this outfit shoot was forgetting to add my dainty flamingo necklace! I mean, it doesn't get any more retro and kitschy than a flamingo! I remembered to wear it for the one-piece look but totally forgot about it for this outfit.

So that's it for the swim looks for this year, too! I thought I'd be going to the beach more often, given how much I went in the spring, but turns out we have this lovely flesh-eating bacteria thing going on right now that 10 people have died from. So I stopped going. Not interested in the risk. It took so much self-control not to go into the water that day! And now it's August, which only means one thing: JELLYFISH SEASON IS UPON US. So yeah, no more swim looks for me until 2016!

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Hope you enjoyed this fun little number. :)

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  1. you look so fab, like a pin-up girl. I have this exact same bottom.


    1. Thanks, Rachelle! 😊😙😙
      Isn't it the best? Definitely a statement piece!

    I'm in love. Haha, you look fantastic girl!

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