Fou dans la Boue at Anne's Beach

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Islamorada beachwatermelon clutchDSC_0178DSC_0172Nathalie, Marion
jumping at the beach

Bathing suit: Victoria's Secret // Hat: Target // Clutch: Kate Spade // Sunglasses: LOFT // Bracelets: J Crew, JustFab

This day was so fun, you guys. Marion and I had just eaten at the Morada Bay Beach Cafe and then we headed to the only beach at Islamorada, Anne's Beach. Honestly, it is crap. Miami has hands down the best beach in FL, possibly the country. But in Anne's Beach the word of the day was "fango," or "boue." That's Spanish and French for "mud," respectively. You see, Marion's English is coming along, but my spoken French is awful. But since she also knows Spanish and I couldn't translate "mud" in French, I tried the Spanish word "fango" but that didn't work so I just consulted with Google Translate and learned a new French word: boue! Seriously, so much boue. The sand is pure fango! You try to go in and you just feel yourself sinking into the sludgy earth beneath you. Not a pleasant sensation whatsoever.

So while we were there we had tons of fun taking all these pictures and then some. How cute is Marion's Kate Spade watermelon clutch?? It's the perfect little summer statement piece and inspired me to just start jumping out of nowhere. Lol. 

Looking forward to our next adventure, Marion!
You can follow Marion's picturesque Instagram feed here (@m4liami).

Bonus pictures:
1, 2, 3 - Beautiful turquoise blue waters on the side of the road where people fish
4 - View of Anne's beach from bench area
5 - A proposal we witnessed from said bench area! It was so cute and unexpected. I took a few shots and sent them to the couple. Glad I was there to capture the moment!

Islamorada waterIslamorada oceanIslamoradaAnne's Beach IslamoradaIslamorada beach proposal

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