Fun Stuff Friday: Resort Chic

I've been going to the beach a lot this summer and therefore really into swimwear-- a little too into swimwear. I have a drawer full of bathing suits and absolutely no need for new additions. Still, I'm obsessed with beachwear and accessories lately. Mara Hoffman is my favorite swim designer but I have yet to purchase a piece by her. Just look at these two-- they're masterpieces!

Also, the round beach towel is a huge trend this year. I love the palm one pictured above, and check out this great design for just $25.

And the bright bags are so Miami. In fact, they're part of Stephanie Johnson's "Miami" Collection this season. The blue carry-all is still available in her store and the pink is still available through Nordstrom. I love that it's clear so you can easily find your sunblock, chapstick, keys, phone and all the other little things that always end up at the bottom of the bag.

I just came back from a huge vacation (and have yet to publish any posts) but boy do I wish I could pack up this virtual wish list to a 5-star Caribbean resort this weekend. Sometimes I wish I could just win the Powerball and become a travel blogger, you know? 😄🏖🌴🏝

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