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Welcome to Earnestyle, where I document my ever-evolving style one colorful post at a time.

Personal life: I call myself a lifelong Miamian, since I was born and raised in Miami and have not left since. My family hails from Cuba, as so many other Miamian families do. I have a bachelor's in psychology and anthropology from the University of Miami, and I'm currently working towards my master's degree there as well. I took a gap year between college and grad school to do some great work with City Year. I met my boyfriend (the great Capt. Nestor Alvisa) when we were 17, and we've been together ever since. 

My blog name: Contrary to popular belief, my blog's name is not Earne Style or Earn Style or any variation of earning style! I do not think you'll be earning style somehow by browsing through my blog. I intended my blog's name to be Earnest Style fused together because I thought that was more clever; I didn't anticipate the unfortunate confusion with earning style! So choose your blog name wisely, my dear virtual friends.

Where I met that blogger in Madrid
Why I started blogging: I created Earnestyle on the 4th of July in 2012. I had been following several blogs for some years already and I was already on Lookbook. I wanted to have a more personal space to share my outfits and to connect with others, but I was still apprehensive about whether I could do it! My trip to France and Spain that summer was the additional push that I needed to finally create my own virtual fashion space. After all, I had already taken tons of awesome pictures in beautiful places, and I had even encountered a Cuban-Spanish style blogger in Madrid! I still credit this lovely young lady, Nil Munguia, with giving me the courage to take pictures in public places with my tripod, all by myself. If she could do it in a neon yellow top and 5-inch heels, I could do it too.

Camera and Photographers: Most of the pictures on the blog were taken with a Nikon D3000. Pictures from the fall of 2012 were taken with a point-and-shoot. My mom, cousin, best friend, boyfriend, and my tripod have all been my photographers.

Other things you never knew you wanted to know:
- I've taken belly dance classes (with the incredible Portia Lange of Belly Motions) on and off since 2005.
- I have a dog named Max. Very original name.
- I've visited Europe, the Caribbean, and South America but I've never traveled within the U.S. (except FL).
- Favorite book: Guns, Germs, and Steel
- I'm a Cuban-American country music lovin' kinda gal.
- I tend to be long-winded in writing. Can you tell?

Phew! That sure was a lot "I statements"!
Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or just wanna say hello! 

Affiliate links disclosure: In the interests of transparency and honesty, I would like to make it perfectly clear that as of August 20, 2013 I am using affiliate product links in some of my posts (for now I'm trying out ShopSense). This means that if you click on one of the ShopSense links at the bottom of an outfit post I will earn a very tiny commission. If you purchase one of those items I will earn a somewhat larger commission. All of the affiliate links I include on the blog are for products that are either featured in a post or for similar items that I would purchase myself. I will never include an item that I don't like or that is outrageously out of the modest price ranges I'm comfortable with. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about any of this. :)

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