Shoesday Tuesday: Cute Summer Flats!

Shoesday Tuesday

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I didn't get to do a Shoesday Tuesday last month, but here's one for the upcoming summer months. I'm so in love with # 4-- look at those giant flowers! # 6 is sure to turn heads too. These two are great options for floral lovers like me.

As for # 7, this is a more expensive option but I included them here because I saw them in person in gold and they are just absolute perfection!

Also, I published this post early by mistake. Hence the "Tuesday" in the title, and it's only Monday. Oops! Enjoy the finished version with the links and the text. :)

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  1. ohh such fun picks! love those blue striped flats! making me so excited for summer!

  2. I want the metallic flowers.. they might take some major breaking in though. I'm willing to take that chance! Thanks, Tammy

  3. Ha, I have done the accidental eary publish WAY too many times. Glad to know I'm not alone! And loving your fun shoe choices- especially the striped flats!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  4. All these shoes are amazing! How do I even begin to pick a favorite!?

  5. Love number 5!!! Fave!


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