Miami Blues


You guys, don't come to Miami in the summer. Don't do it. It's nothing but rain, humidity, and the stink of wet pavement.

Mornings aren't so bad. It starts out ok-- very sunny, in fact. And then somewhere around midday things take a turn for the worse. The sunshine disappears, along with your hopes and dreams of having a relaxing beach day. Things start to look a lot like they do in these pictures. All of a sudden your surroundings are colored by a summertime sadness filter, straight from a Lana del Rey video. That girl must have been talking about Miami when she wrote that song.

DSC_0918.Blue Miami

I strongly considered redoing these pictures, but this was already the third (yes, the third) time I wore this particular outfit that week (one of those times I wore work-appropriate jeans). But my house was tented for fumigation and I was living out of a suitcase at my aunt's house, so I had a legitimate excuse. 


So excuse the graininess, poor lighting conditions, and slightly defeatist tone of this post.
But seriously, don't come. We have great winters and wonderful springs, but summers are miserable.

Top: Anthropologie (pictured | pink)
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklace: c/o Lexi Jewelry (similar version here)
Bag: from a local shop that no longer exists :(
Flats: Urban Outfitters

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  1. lovely look :)

  2. Miami is the worst this time of year, you look lovely don't let the weather take you down.


  3. I sympathize with you on the heat woes. Texas is unbearable this time of year! Florida and Texas must be like bffs or something, haha. At least when everyone was suffering through that polar vortex thing this year, we were nice and warm lol ;)

    Btw, just followed you on BlogLovin! Hope we can be new blogger pals :)

    Daydream Frenzy

  4. Haha! It can't be that bad! Loving the top & the additional layers! Well styled. Blue just pops on you. ;D

    ♥ | | xoxo

  5. OMG I totally agree, I never thought I was going to use my rain boots much, but now I think I need a pair in my car full time, that 3 o'clock shower is a killer.
    You always have such cool bags.


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